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Questions tagged [acharonim]

'Acharonim' refers to the sages that are from the time period from when the Shulchan Aruch was written to the present.

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What are R' Yaakov miLissa's commentaries on the m'gilos called?

Many a Jewish book is known colloquially by its title, like Avne Nezer and More N'vuchim. Many a one is known colloquially by its author's name, like the commentaries of R' Moshe Alshich and Malbim on ...
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Where does the contemporary measurement of a Kezayit come from?

According to the Nodeh B'Yehuda and the Chazon Ish, in order to calculate the size of a kezayis (which apparently is based on the size of an egg), we must double the size of our contemporary eggs. (...
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Looking for Source for explanation in Chafetz Chaim

R' Moshe Sherer brings an interesting explanation from the Chafetz Chaim: The reason for the Torah's double expression of my Shabbos's in ויקרא יט:ג - ואת שבתותי תשמורו is to teach us that our Shabbos ...
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What does ודוק or ודו"ק mean? [duplicate]

ודוק or ודו"ק appears extensively in rabbinic literature, particularly in Ashkenazi Halachic writings since the 17th century. I was once told that it meant that the author thought the proposed ...
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Where can I find the Chasam Sofer's poems?

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, the Chasam Sofer wrote several poems. Where can I find them? I've been unable to do so.
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Perplexing Abbreviation in Tzafnas Paneach

The Tzafnas Paneach has a strange abbreviation in his commentary to Rambam, Sefer Zmanim, Chapter 5, Halacha 5. Here's the Rambam: ונהגו כל ישראל בזמנים אלו להתענות בשלשה עשר ג באדר זכר לתענית שהתענו ...
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Rishonim/Achronim time period differentiation

When was the end of the Rishonim time period and the start of the achronim time period? Who, what, why, and how did this come about? What caused this abrupt change in deemed mental and halachot ...
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9 votes
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When will the period of Acharonim end?

What will mark the end of the period of Acharonim? What in general demarcates rabbinical eras? Are these halachic rules or conventions?
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Where does the Kaf HaHayyim first cite the Aruch HaShulchan and the Mishnah Berurah?

The Kaf HaHayyim was written roughly contemporaneously with the Aruch HaShulchan and the Mishnah Berurah, but is the last of the three seforim to be finished, with its final chapters completed by the ...
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