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Questions regarding philosopher and commentator Isaac Abarbanel (1437–1508).

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Temporarily Banning a Rishon’s Sefer – Is There a Precedent?

I heard from a reliable source that a great Rosh Hayeshiva (who I personally knew) temporarily banned a set of seforim from the Yeshiva's beit midrash. The Talmud in shabbat 56a states that it is ...
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Anyone have an English Translation of Abarbanel on Bereishis 1:27?

Anyone know of an English translation available of the Abarbanel's commentary on Perek 1, Passuk 27 of Bereishis?
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Second plague was crocodiles?

The Ohr Somayach website's 'Ask a rabbi' column quotes Abarbanel as saying that the second plague was crocodiles, rather than frogs, and that one of Abarbanel's reasons was: The Egyptians worshipped ...
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Is there a list of all of Abarbanel’s questions on the Torah?

I was wondering if anyone has this by itself compiled as a tool for learning the Parsha. I want to go over each question and look at the mefarshim.
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What's the difference between two potential (כוחניים) maters the Yuly and the second

I read in the Abarbanel on Bereishit 1:1,quoting the Ramban, that on the first day Hashem created two types of primordial matter: הראשון לבד שני חמרים מבלי צורה כוחניים בטבעם כענין ההיולי הראשון ...
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G-d changing the past

A bit of a childish question. Is it possible for God to change the past? or is it one of those things that are generally possible but in certain occasions will never happen? I'm asking because of ...
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