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Good books for non-Jews who are interested in understanding Judaism, especially branches of Orthodox judaism

I have found that the first thing to do when you want to learn something about a subject, is to start with the idea that you know absolutely nothing. I understand, for example, that Judaism has ...
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Resources for learning about the foundations of Judaism

I recently met an intelligent Soviet immigrant interested in learning more about Judaism. He would like to start with understanding the basics. Such as: How do we understand G-d? What are the ...
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Becoming a Baal Teshuva

How do you become a Baal Teshuvah? What steps would you recommend in beginning to take on observance? I try to say Modeh Ani every morning keep Kosher and Shabbos but I get bored and need to think of ...
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Suggestions on how to spend Shaabath (constructively) alone

Due to undisclosed circumstances, I'd rather not go the local shul CURRENTLY, at the given moment. Spending Shaabath with the community definitely was an immense help in getting those ~25 hours ...
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can I practice Judaism? [closed]

TL;DR at the bottom I'm Jewish. there is no debate here. My mother is Jewish so I am Jewish. But my father (not Jewish) is an anti-religion Atheist, banned all religious practices in our house (except ...
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What is a lost Jew to do?

I am a Jew because my parents are Jews and their parents are too. I have recently come to believe in G-d through G-d but I have no communication with my Jewish people. Do the sources require that ...
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Catholic interested in learning about Judaism ✡️ & learning Hebrew to better understand the difference between the Bible & the Torah 🙏

I don’t know much about the Jewish Faith. During my younger years I attended Catholic School until 10th grade. Recently I have become stronger Spiritually, I’ve always had a strong curiousity about ...
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What are the best books to read to get familiar with Jewish philosophy?

I'm looking to spend about 3 months learning Jewish philosophy pretty intensely. I'm looking for recommendations on what are the best books to read, which ones may be too complex, and how I should ...
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Good, recent textbook that faithfully describe Orthodox and/or Conservative Judaism

Does Dan Cohn-Sherbok's 2017 textbook Judaism: History, Belief and Practice, 2nd Ed situate and represent fairly Orthodox Judaism and Conservative Judaism within the full spectrum of Judaism? (I'm ...
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Recommendation of Books [duplicate]

What books a person pursuing a orthodox conversion normally must read during the entire process. I want to convert in bnei brak
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