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The reason for the evil in the world today [duplicate]

I have read a book by Dr Michael Heiser that stated if you asked this question to a Christian audience, they would say, the fall of Adam in the garden is the cause of evil in the world today. But if ...
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what is rah good for? [duplicate]

Question 1: Yeshayahu 45:7 describes the fact that Adonai created rah. Bereshit 1:31 tells us that Adonai did watch all that he had made and saw that it was tov me'od. If something like rah is created ...
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Why did G-d not stop the holocaust?

Why did G-d not stop the holocaust? Is there anything written to explain why He would not have stopped it? or why He would have allowed it?
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Moral Culpability in the Garden

Did Adam and Eve have moral culpability in the Garden before they ate from the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil? It would seem that they were like small children in that sense, they were amoral--not ...
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Does God discriminate between Jewish and non-Jewish people?

I often wonder if God has a different attitude towards people who are not Jews. Why Jews are consisdered to be most favored nation? Does that mean that all other people are inferior to Jews? Wouldn't ...
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Why is the Evil Inclination Called a "Fool"?

Koheles (4:13), (as explained by the Midrash Rabba) describes the Yetzer Hara (Evil Inclination) as "A king, old, and a fool". It explains: "...ולמה קורא אותו כסיל? שהוא מלמד לאדם דרך ...
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Did G-d create evil? [closed]

Did G-d create evil? Scripture says that G-d created everything, right? So then if G-d indeed created everything, does that mean He created evil? Is there Old Testament evidence for why He did or ...
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What if our purpose is to be bad?

How do we know that our purpose is not to be bad? Surely evil men have, by extension, caused some good. And even without that idea, we have no use what our purpose is on this earth -- how do we know ...
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How does Judaism answer the problem of evil? [duplicate]

I would think that after the great amount of suffering the Jews had to suffer in the 20th century a whole lot of them had to review how the deity they believed in could let what was happening to them ...
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Where does evil come from if God is good?

In Deuteronomy 4:35 "Hashem, He is G-d, there is nothing else beside Him". This makes sense since He is the first cause of everything, thus He includes everything. Now, assuming God is absolutely ...
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Will there be free will and a purpose to doing good in the messianic era?

I recently saw this question in the new Christianity stack exchange site, and it reminded me of a question I meant to ask as a follow-up to this question. With the assumption that evil exists so that ...
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Would Adam and Eve have lived forever if they didn't eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

Would Adam and Eve have lived forever if they didn't eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? "but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from ...
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Paradox of the Evil Inclination: Hashem commands to disobey Himself?

I understand that to make this world spinning (to get to its purpose of bestowing the world to come), the Evil Inclination (Yetzer Harah) is commanded by Hashem to constantly drag us to do ...
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Is all evil an invention of angels? [closed]

In the book of Enoch it says that the fallen angels "Watchers" came to earth and taught humans evil, astrology, how to fight, cosmetics, drink blood and so on.
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How to understand God creating evil? [duplicate]

When God said that he creates good and creates evil, does that mean evil as the ability to rebel against the order established by him but not necessarily that he causes evil? Does this verb to creates ...
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