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In case of Halachic doubt should one ask a Rabbi or assume anything will work? [duplicate]

Following comments on my other question "how-an-open-succah-oriented": Let's imagine one is facing a new Halachic reality he never heard of: he always built Succah on his 5th-floor balcony and then ...
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Does Halacha require everyone to have a particular, specific Rabbi? [duplicate]

Is every person required to have one particular rabbi to consult? Why or why not? What are the sources? If one does have a rabbi, are those rabbi’s positions and rulings binding? Can one consult ...
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Reliable Ask-a-Rabbi Websites

There are some times on this site where questioners will be directed to "ask their Rabbi." While it's always optimal to have such people discuss the question with their own Rabbi (and such action ...
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Is the observance of Jewish law/tradition "all or nothing"?

Sometimes my job gets in the way of my observance of Jewish holidays. I often need to work on Saturdays or late on Fridays, inhibiting my ability to attend synagogue on Shabbat. Sometimes I am ...
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What's up with this strange new hechsher? [closed]

All of a sudden, I’ve seen the hechsher shown in these photos popping up on various products. I’ve never seen it before, and I don’t see it listed on any of the usual online hechsher lists. Have ...
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Ethics in video games: idol worship

Background I sometimes play a certain computer role-playing game (RPG). In this game, my character (whom I might name after myself but who does not otherwise resemble me) fights mythological creatures ...
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Riding the Subway on Shabbat

Assuming that there are no problems regarding paying for it (either you entered the system before Shabbat, or a non-Jew paid for you): What are the halakhic issue with riding the subway on Shabbat? (...
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Am I allowed to answer my friend's Halacha question?

Preface: Assume I am not an ordained Rabbi. Suppose I'm having lunch with my friend and he asks me "do I have to say a bracha on this dessert?" or "when's the last time I could daven mincha today?" ...
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Intermarriage Attendance

Is there a Halachic problem with being in attendance at an intermarriage performed in a regular hall, i.e., not a problematic location? What is the source in the Halachic literature if there is an ...
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What do you have to check for Shatnez?

What do you and what do you not have to check for Shatnez?
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Is Extra virgin olive oil kosher by default?

I was given extra virgin olive oil as a gift from Italy (picture below), and I wanted to see if that type of olive oil is treated like fruits and vegetables, or does it needs to have certification on ...
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Does dividing bulk Kosher items make them no longer Kosher?

Background: I am responsible for religious access in our jail. We have several Jewish inmates who are complaining that by opening the bulk Kosher powdered milk and dividing it into single servings, ...
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What do you do if you forgot to turn off the refrigerator light before Shabbat?

The first time you open a fridge on Shabbat, you notice the light is on. Your intention is to take out food, not turn on the light. Is closing the fridge a problem? Can I open it again? Is it better ...
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Is ad-blocker software permissible?

Kalashnikover_Rebbe at asked: Isn't blocking ads stealing? The people put them on the sites for a reason. He elaborated: On one hand, the argument can be made that [forum XYZ] is ...
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Is the lemon slice added to a soda in many bars a problem kosher-wise?

Many bars (and hotel lobbies) will add a lemon wedge to the top of a glass of soda; often it's used to differentiate between Diet Coke (gets the lemon) and regular Coke (no lemon). Does this pose a ...
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