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How does Judaism answer the problem of evil? [duplicate]

I would think that after the great amount of suffering the Jews had to suffer in the 20th century a whole lot of them had to review how the deity they believed in could let what was happening to them ...
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Is the holocaust divine punishment for the wrongs Jews have done? [duplicate]

Just wanted an evaluation of this question from a Jewish standpoint.
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Why does evil exist?

I realize this is a very common question, but the problem of evil is an important one, and as far as I can tell, has not been asked here. In short, why does G-d allow evil to exist?
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Should the Christian cross be seen as an idol?

As Christianity is Avodah Zarah, is a Christian cross which people kiss, pay respect to, and face toward when praying, considered to be an idol? Here is a brief excerpt from a scholarly Christian ...
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Was God actively involved in bringing out the Holocaust?

Did the Holocaust occur due to G-d's active involvement, or was it due to Him merely removing His protection from them?
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Does God discriminate between Jewish and non-Jewish people?

I often wonder if God has a different attitude towards people who are not Jews. Why Jews are consisdered to be most favored nation? Does that mean that all other people are inferior to Jews? Wouldn't ...
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Gedolim During the Holocaust

During a lecture addressing the Torah perspective on the Holocaust, a Rosh Yeshiva mentioned a letter which Rav Aharon Kotler z"tl wrote telling someone to remain in Europe because the war would blow ...
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How do rabbis explain the reason for the Spanish Expulsion. Why did the Jewish people deserve it

I notice you already have this question for the Holocaust but haven't found it for the Spanish expulsion. I understand that many great people gave reasons for it, like the seder hadoros, tsror hamor ...
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On the design of the current universe -- why did G-d let there be suffering in the world

PREAMBLE: I'm processing (thinking about) all the comments and will try to update the question shortly. Thanks. A few weeks ago I was having a debate with born-again Christians (they were trying to ...
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So much tragedy, so much suffering - WHY?

I am reading about Rabbi Haninah ben Teradion being burned alive, with wet wool stuffed into his body to prolong suffering by the Romans, the deaths of 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva, the Destruction ...
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