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What is the fate of non-Jews in the afterlife? [duplicate]

From what I've read before, according to Jewish belief, if a non-Jew follows the Noahide Laws, he/she will not suffer in the afterlife. Are there any verses in the Torah/Tanakh to support this? If ...
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Do good christians go to heaven when they die (Gan Eden)? [duplicate]

Will Christians have a share in the world to come if they truly did not know that Judaism was true, and were brought up with Jesus their whole lives? And can that same concept be applied to atheist as ...
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What do Jews believe happens to Christians when they die? [duplicate]

I've been reading a lot about Judaism and Christianity lately, and how people say they're completely incompatible, so my question is, given the differences between them, what do Jews think happen to ...
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What happens to a non-Jew in the afterlife? [duplicate]

Suppose you were born on an island where you have never met a jew in your entire life, where you have never seen a synagogue before, never seen a rabbi before. What happens to your soul, if you are ...
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What is heaven like for non Jews [duplicate]

Do non Jews who follow the seven laws of Noah get the same reward as a Jew or what is heaven like for us.
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As a gentile how can I know if I am going to hell according to Judaism? [duplicate]

As a gentile, how can I know if I am going to hell according to Judaism? I have no idea, being much more familiar with Buddhism and Christianity. For what it's worth, I'm more or less atheist, have ...
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Judaism's view of pagans/polytheists [duplicate]

How does Judaism view pagans or polytheists? Will they be burnt in hell for eternity like what Christianity and Islam say?
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Portion in life after death for Muslims [duplicate]

I am a Muslim can I have a Good portion in life after death according to Judaism. What is the best portion for us according to Judaism if we acknowledge that there is only one God. we believe in the ...
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What is the Orthodox Jewish view of the afterlife?

What is the nature of life after death, according to Orthodox Judaism as it exists today? I have tried to read up on this, but I often hear very conflicted views... I mean I once read that Sheol is ...
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Why Jews feel no need to evangelize/convince others of their beliefs?

I've read in the interview with Monica Cellio that “Jews feel no need to evangelize.” I am curious why is that. There is no need to share the truth with the others? Even the loved ones? Are there ...
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On the nature of 'Olam HaBa'

I have read that Olam HaBa is an idyllic state in which the world will exist after the Moshiach arrives. Is this correct? But I've also read that Olam HaBa is only for the righteous of all nations, ...
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