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Should Jews worry about whom non-Jewish governments recognize as "married"? [duplicate]

It says in Pirqei Avoth 2:3 "hawwu nizhirin be-reshuth" "Be wary of the [non-Jewish] government..." Lately, I have read alot of commentary from religious Jews in America about the Supreme Court's ...
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Taking a concubine (pilegesh) today

Moderator's note: As with all discussions of Jewish law on this site, any information included in this question or its answers is presented only for the purpose of understanding the relevant ideas, ...
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What are the 30 Mitzvot for Bnei Noach?

What are the 30 Mitzvot (Commandments) that Bnei Noach have accepted (based on Hullin 92a)? שלשים מצות שקבלו עליהם בני נח.‏ Thirty commandments which Bnei Noach accepted upon themselves.
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Are homosexual relations forbidden by God? Why?

To my understanding, Bible says that God does not like homosexual relations. But why? Why did God punish and destroy inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah? They were not Jewish and were not given the laws ...
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Do Jews need to care about non-Jewish homosexuality?

Since there is currently no way and/or need for Jews to administer capital punishment to gentiles who violate the 7 Noahide laws, is there any halachic reason for a Jew to care whether or not a non-...
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Why aren't there any Gay people in the Bible?

Our scriptures (the Bible and later) are full of people who sinned. Every kind of sin, including murder and sexual sins. The sinners are both from our people as well as non-Jews. Some of the sinners ...
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Does Orthodox Judaism have a generally held position on American politics? [closed]

The Pew Research Study on Jewish Americans says in part: On these measures (partisanship and ideology), the only other U.S. religious groups that are as conservative and Republican as Orthodox Jews ...
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Should a Va'ad revoke kosher certification of caterers that allow catering a gay marraige affair? [duplicate]

Related and a follow up to this M.Y. question: The U.S. Supreme Court has legalized gay marriages in al states. There have been several publicized law suits in a few states where a gay couple sued a ...
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Voting as a Jew or as a member of that country. [duplicate]

Assuming one is voting. Is one required to vote in line with which ever candidate is closer to Halacha (however that is determined) or is one required or allowed to vote with what he thinks is better ...
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