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Etymology of the Name Feivel

Where does the Jewish name Feivel (or Feivish) come from? What does it actually mean?
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Why Do Converts Change Their Names?

Rabbi Avigdor Miller said that it used to be that gerim (converts) and baalei teshuvah (repentants) who had been given non-Jewish names did not change their names when they became part of the Jewish ...
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Is "Yarden" a Hebrew name that was used?

Is the name "Yarden" ("Jordan" in English) a name that was ever used as a (Hebrew) name by Orthodox Jews? Is there any evidence of this? The reason this is being asked is for 2 reasons. Someone died ...
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Is Rami a legitimate Jewish name?

It seems like it is only used as a nickname for Avraham or Rakhamim, but can the name Rami be given to a Jewish male? I've seen the name given to rabbis in the gemarah (Rami Bar Hama and Rami Bar ...
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Chol-Kreisch Ceremony

Danny Schoemmann mentions a ceremony called a chol-kreisch in this answer for giving the secular name of a child. Is this custom still observed, and if so, how is it practiced?
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Theodor name for a baby

We are expecting to have our first baby and my husband really likes the name Theodor (after Theodor Herzl) but I read it is not a Jewish name (it is Greek). Is it appropriate to name a child after a ...
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Can a Jew name a child after a (deceased) non-Jew (non-relative)?

Can a Jew name a child after a (deceased) non-Jew (non-relative)? Is there any prohibition against it?
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What to do if parent doesn't have Jewish name, or if the child never knew it?

A person is called up for an Aliyah. He gives the name as x son of Ibrahim. Upon questioning, it comes out that the person did not know his father's Hebrew name, or that if there even was one, it ...
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Names with origins of avoda zara

I gave my daughter a second name after my father's, for which I came up with a female version. I saw that the name does exist, but I never bothered to see the origin for some reason. Now, after five ...
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Are there any prohibitions on naming (baby/convert)?

Trying to determine if names like Kohelet or Job (two of which I have yet to hear of anyone being named in the last century) are just rare names or have a reason not be used.
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