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List of halachot that relate to 'demons' [duplicate]

Are there any practical halachot (not minhagim) that are a direct consequence for our concern for demons or 'evil spirits'?
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Sheidim: are they fact, or fiction?

Are there really such thing as sheidim? If so, what are they? Please include sources.
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Why do some people have a custom to boil only odd numbers of eggs?

I heard that some still have a custom to boil only odd numbers of eggs at a time. I heard that the reason is if there is a blood-spot in an egg, the egg will be Battel Berov. This only explains why ...
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Where does the custom to spill off from a drink come from?

I had a Lubavitcher classmate in high school who used to spill off from his cup whenever he would drink anything. He claimed it was a minhag. What is the reason/source for this practice?
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In which way do demons have an effect on us?

I would like to know how mazikim, sheidim, se'irim and ruchot rah (often translated as demons or evil spirits) are able to effect our lives. That is, broadly, is their effect physical and ...
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Can one have a surgery during the Nine Days?

I'll put the disclaimer right at the top for such a sensitive issue: See both your local orthodox Rav and local orthodox doctor if this Chas v'shalom becomes relevant to you. The Background There are ...
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What's the minimum amount of work necessary to recite "Asher Yatzar" after using the bathroom in the middle of the night?

If one woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, what is the least amount of work one must do (e.g. just rinse the finger tips or rub the hands against one's clothing) that would allow ...
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What does *ruach raa* in the mishna brura refer to?

I've started learning Mishna Brura and I've come across ruach raa in the sefer's discussion of hilchot netilat yadayim. Is ruach raa simply another word for tuma, does it refer to smell, or some ...
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Why do we wash our hands right-left-right-left-right-left in the morning, instead of like how we do when we are going to eat bread?

According to the Shulchan Aruch, we wash our hands right-left-right-left-right-left (with a cli). We wash our hands in the morning for three reasons: B'ria Chadasha (a new creation, because it's like ...
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What is the origin of washing hands in the morning?

According to the Tur (OC 4:1), the reason that we wash our hands in the morning is because of the "evil spirit" (רוח רעה) that had settled on them during the night. Is this custom referenced prior to ...
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