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What is the halachic source for wearing in a kippa [duplicate]

I wear a kippa and tzitzis everday. The source for tzitzit is easy, we say it in shma and it's mentioned in the Gemara in brachot. The source for the kippa is wholly unknown to me, yet it is such an ...
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Since when was a kippah worn? [duplicate]

Paul, being educated as a Pharisee in Jerusalem by Gamaliel, writes: "Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head" (1 Cor. 11,4). Also, he find this so natural that he ...
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Is it a halacha for men to cover their heads? [duplicate]

I am trying to determine the extent of the Jewish requirement for men to cover their heads throughout the day (that is, other than while making a bracha). It is fairly clear that this is not a ...
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What is the source for men covering their heads? [duplicate]

I remember learning (but don't remember where) that men are required d'rabbanan to cover their heads at least when saying b'rachot, but practically speaking people just cover them all the time. (That ...
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Why wear Black hats

Why do people wear black hats if their kippa has 2 layers?
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The power of saying tehillim

When I was starting to become observant, at the end of shacharis one day, someone asked me "are you finished with tehillim?". I told them I don't know what that is. They told me "if we knew what was ...
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Halachic sources that say that Kippah is not obligatory

Are there any Halachic sources that say that one doesn't have to wear a Kippah? In a day to day situation. Nothing to do with work. Just simply no Kippah anywhere.
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Is there a spiritual meaning to wearing a Kippah?

Is there a spiritual meaning to wearing a Kippah? Why does G-d what our heads covered? Is it a sign that we are under a "covering" from G-d?
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Outside of prayer/worship, where is it written that there is a requirement to wear a kippa?

Outside of prayer/worship, where is it written that there is a requirement to wear a kippa? I have heard that there's no halachic requirement to wear a kippa other than for prayer/worship.
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What is "going" in terms of head covering?

related: Kippa in Torah? The talmud in Kiddush 31a relates that רב הונא בריה דרב יהושע לא מסגי ארבע אמות בגילוי הראש "Rav Huna, son of Rav Yehoshua, would not walk four cubits with an uncovered ...
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