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Parameters of Marit Ayin [duplicate]

In an area where there are no Jews or even if there were they wouldn't know who you are, let's say Indonesia, India or a very rural place in the middle of nowhere, would the law of Marit Ayin still ...
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Is it heresy to follow secular dating on the destruction of the first Temple?

There is a discrepancy between rabbinic and secular sources regarding when the first Temple was destroyed -- a difference of some 165 years or so, which are called the "Missing Years." My question is ...
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Is wearing masks on Purim a Biblical Commandment or a Rabbinic Commandment? [closed]

As we all know, wearing masks on Purim is a Mitzva. Is it from the Torah, or was it only originated in the times of Esther, making it Rabbinic? This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be ...
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Is getting a "fake" tattoo a violation of halacha?

Inspired by Curiouser here: Is getting a "fake" (temporary) tattoo a violation of halacha? I'll define this broadly as any tattoo that doesn't permanently show on your body. This includes transfer ...
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At a non-kosher restaurant, is sliced raw fish kosher?

At a non-kosher restaurant, is thinly-sliced raw fish kosher? Let's assume one sees the preparer clean the knife and cut from the whole fish. Also, let's assume this raw fish is sashimi — ...
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Can Purim Torah be heretical?

How far can one go with Purim Torah? Can one descend into heresy, so long as it is known that one is not serious?
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Why is wearing a sheitel not marit ayin?

I would assume that the concept of marit ayin applies to married women's hair covering (outside the home) as much as to any other mitzvah. So why do our poskim allow* her to wear a sheitel--which, in ...
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"bad impression" vs "Judge your friend favorably"

There are two commonly known halachic concepts. "Marit Ayin", a bad impression, and "Dan Lekaf Zechut", "Judging favorably". Here is a nice article on the concept of Marit Ayin and it briefly talks ...
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Maris Ayin when nobody knows you're Jewish

According to this answer, wearing a toupee without a kippa on top may pose a problem of maris ayin. My question is: Suppose the toupee-wearer has no distinctive Jewish features other than wearing a ...
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What are some general halachot about treif culinary schools?

I have seen some assorted questions about specific occurrences in a non-kosher culinary schools here, however, I was wondering if there are any general halachot which apply. In other words, would it ...
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Maris ayin and kosher certification

What reasoning is used by mainstream kosher certification agencies to certify food items containing only kosher ingredients but packaged and/or designed to look and/or taste non-kosher. For example, ...
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Invitation to nonkosher restaurant

The question "Keeping Kosher at a secular company" asks about food issues on the job in general. This question is focused more narrowly on "unbalanced" situations: situations where there's an ...
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Eating at Home and Maarit Ayin

Short question: is maarit ayin (מראית עין) a problem when one is home alone? Long question: assuming that in-vitro meat is pareve, even if it is maarit ayin to eat it with milk in public, would it be ...
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