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Rabbi Yishmael - why such a name? [duplicate]

Why did Rabbi Yishmael from the Mishna have such a name? Yishmael is obviously the ancestor of the muslims (Bnei Yishamel) The reason Hagar called her son this is because G-D "heard" her ...
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Why were some Jews called Yishmael? [duplicate]

Why is it that we find Jews (and even sages) by the name Yishmael? It seems rather strange that we would choose to name our children after someone who was the progenitor of a nation seen to be an ...
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Can a father name his son Esau? [duplicate]

Fathers can, and have, named their sons Ismael. So why would they not be allowed to name their son Esau? The reason for Esau and Ismael being similar is because both names are generally identified ...
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Arba'a - mi yodeya?

Who knows four? Please cite/link your sources, if possible. After Shabbat, I will: Upvote all interesting answers. Accept the best answer. Go on to the next number.
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Naming after the Patriarchs/Matriarchs and Biblical heroes

Nowadays it is very common for Jews to name their children after the Patriarchs, Matriarchs, and Biblical heroes. But it doesn't seem (to me) as though this was very common until well into the period ...
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Naming your baby - does the name influence the child?

Inspired by this question: Is there any significance to the name you choose to give your child? Does the name have any influence over the child? Is there any reason to choose to name your son after ...
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Where does Chassam Soffer say Hillel needed a job

I recall seeing a Chassam Soffer who explained that Hillel Hazakein was allowed to lead a life of poverty for Torah only as long as he had no children. Up until then it was a lifestyle that his wife ...
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Why would anyone name their daughter Yehudis? The first one vexed Isaac and Rebecca

The first Yehudis is mentioned in this week’s sedrah 26 (34–35). “And Esau was forty years old, and he married Judith, the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Basemath, the daughter of Elon ...
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Obliterating the names and memories of evil people

Theoretically the names and the very memories of evil people (rasha'im) should be obliterated. Is this aim seriously pursued? For example, saying ימח שמו after a name doesn't really help obliterate ...
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Theodor name for a baby

We are expecting to have our first baby and my husband really likes the name Theodor (after Theodor Herzl) but I read it is not a Jewish name (it is Greek). Is it appropriate to name a child after a ...
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Any famous Jews named Muhammad, Mahmud, Mehmet, etc.? [closed]

There is a halacha that one may not name a child after an evildoer, a principle known as shem reshaim yirkav taken from Yoma 38b ("ועל בן קמצר וחביריו נאמר ושם רשעים ירקב", cf. Mishlei 10:7). Later ...
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