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May an individual become jew? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it possible for a Gentile to convert to Judaism? I was wondering to know if a person from non Jewish parent can become a Jew? Will he/she be recognized by other Jews as a ...
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Does Judaism recognize other religions?

Does Judaism acknowledge that there are some other religions that come from G-d? If yes, how? Which religions are that? Please give me some examples. And what are the reference for this claim?
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Was Judaism ever a proselytizing religion?

It is often asserted that up until the time of Constantine or so, Judaism was an actively proselytizing religion. This can be contrasted with the common practice today of rejecting potential converts ...
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Can the child of two converts marry a Cohen?

Can the child of two converts marry a Cohen? How does the situation differ if only the mother, or only the father, is a convert? (I have read that "ideally" the child of two converts should not ...
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I want to be a Jew, but I'm born as a Muslim

I'm from Algeria, but I'm now living in France. I was born as a Muslim, but since I was 13, I realized that Islam wasn't for me. Since two years, I'm now looking for a new religion, and from what I've ...
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Did anyone recognize (pray, follow, worship) God between Adam and Avraham?

As I understand it, God created Adam, who had direct communications with God. According to the questions and answers in these four questions, at the time of Avraham the existence of God had been ...
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Other than Avraham has there ever been an organized attempt to draw new converts to Judaism?

We know that in very early Judaism Avraham and Sarah converted people to Judaism We know that if your mother was Jewish you are Jewsish We know that it is possible for a Gentile to convert to Judaism ...
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What is the Jewish attitude towards heretics and other religions?

In Christianity, the general atmosphere is "Heretics and members of other religions are all completely wrong, and they are all going to Hell unless they repent and accept the Truth as we define it". ...
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Is it true that for one to become a Jew he has to be either born Jew or his mother is a Jew? [duplicate]

I saw a video on youtube of a Jewish guy saying that no one can can be a Jew unless he is born Jew or his mother is a Jew.
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Soul of convert ( Jew in non-Jewish body) [duplicate]

I would like to know espescially from a kabbalistic viewpoint: Is it possible that a Jew gets born into the body of a non-Jew because of reasons connected to previous lifetimes and has to find his ...
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Origin for making giyur?

A friend of mine asked me from when a Non-Jew was allowed to make giyur (conversion); and on which Biblical verses it was based upon. I guess he wanted to know more about it's origin. So that's why I'...
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The situation of a lost Jew

Someone who is adopted to a Christian family, but has some indication of a Jewish ancestry - such as a mezuzah, and who is interested in studying and practicing Judaism, what would it take to ...
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I was raised Luthern. My last name is apparently Jewish [duplicate]

I am looking for answers. I have discovered my last name is considered a Jewish name. Glasser. I was raised Lutheran,as are all of my family. Is it possible to become Jewish even though I believe in ...
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