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Hashem is here and there and everywhere?

Is Hashem really in front of us, behind us, next to us, etc?
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Is Jewish theology Panentheistic by definition?

Is the Jewish view that everything in creation is a hidden manifestation of God, i.e. that God is enclothed so to speak, in every element of creation, similar to Panentheism. Or is God "outside" of ...
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Why was Chassidus controversial?

When Chassidus came about, it was very controversial. The Vilna Gaon even put Chassidim in cherem. What were the reasons for the controversy? And why is there peace and mutual respect today between ...
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Ramchal and Tzimtzum

Tzimtzum is a term said to be used in the teaching of Isaac Luria. It claims that God began the process of creation by "contracting" his infinite light in order to allow for a "conceptual space" in ...
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Learning Kabbalah from other students of the Arizal?

It says in Sforim that one shouldn't learn Kabbalah from any of the students of the Arizal except for R' Chaim Vital (as they didn't understand the Arizal properly). I have never seen such a worry ...
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Does 'not in heaven' apply to kabbalah?

There is a famous dictum: 'lo ba'shomayim he', meaning that after the torah was given at Sinai its rules, mandates and precepts are determined by man and not dictated by heaven. An example is when ...
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understanding tzimtzum k'peshuto

According to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Vilna Gaon holds that the tzimtzum is to be understood literally, that God literally withdrew Himself from the creation. How can this be understood given that ...
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Comparative analysis of Tanya vs. Nefesh HaChaim

Has anyone done a comparative analysis of the Tanya vs. the Nefesh HaChaim in terms of what they agree about and what they disagree about?
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Is someone who believes in the doctrine of tzimtzum a heretic?

The doctrine of tzimtzum teaches that HaShem contracted Himself to create a space within which to create creation. "Prior to Creation, there was only the infinite Or Ein Sof filling all existence....
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Is the Nefesh HaChaim truly representitive of the Gra's position?

There's a popular understanding that the Gra asked R Chaim of Volozhin to write a sefer based on his teachings that would deal with many points that the sefer Tanya dealt with and this is the Nefesh ...
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