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Sefarim to learn in Elul

Which sefarim are traditionally learned in Elul*, because they have a special significance to the mood and message of the month? *Or even without a tradition, which sefarim are good to learn during ...
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I am 15 years old and do not go to a Yeshiva but would like to learn Talmud. A few rabbis near me said they could teach me. How should I start

I am 15 years old and do not go to a Yeshiva but would like to learn Talmud. There are many rabbis near me who said they would be willing to teach me. How should I start knowing that I only speak ...
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The value of the daily study of Chitas (Chumash, Tehilim, Tanya)?

What's the value of learning "Chitas" compared to any other daily Torah study? Side question: If it's so important, why was it introduced only recently?
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Do you have to know kol ha Torah kula?

Is there a requirement for a Jewish man to know the whole Torah (including every gemara, tosafot, Midrasch…) or is it OK to know the Halacha that is relevant to you and then to use the rest of ...
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What is good mussar one should learn daily?

The MB (1:12) writes: " וצריך האדם לקבוע לו עת ללמוד ספרי מוסר בכל יום ויום, אם מעט ואם הרבה, כי הגדול מחבירו יצרו גדול הימנו." Translation: one should learn mussar each and every day. ...
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Long-Term Path of Torah learning

I'm starting to become a little more serious about my Torah learning and wondering what age-old path of Torah study Jews have followed. How do I balance learning Tanach, Gemara, developing a deep ...
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Studying Halachah daily required?

Read somewhere that one must be sure that in addition to any daily study of Tanach, Mishnah and Gemara, to study books of Halachah. Does anyone know where the source for this can be found?
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Why Choose Talmud Bavli For The Daily Study

As we know it is a big custom to learn a daf of Talmud Bavli a day (Dafyomi). My question is why did they choose to pick Talmud Bavli. There are so many other Subjects that could actually affect ...
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Need help getting back into learning torah after 10 years

I went to Yeshiva all my life until I finished High school and after that I fell out of learning torah, whether its chumash or gemara etc... It's been 10 years since I last opened a gemara, or chumash ...
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Does anyone know any information about Mifal Hashas?

Does anyone here have any information about Mifal Hashas or Dirshu? What is the learning material? When and where are tests? How much do they give? What kinds of tests are they (multiple choice, ...
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Halachos that one should learn

A person wants to be proficient in halacha. 1) Should he learn halachos: a) that pertain to his fellow man? - I.e. Shemiras HaLoshon, Stealing or Ribis etc. b) or to his Creator? (I.e. Shabbos, ...
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What to Learn During Seder [closed]

Recently, I have had the opportunity to spend a few hours a week at a kollel. I'm not used to self-guided learning, and I don't know what to learn from all the different seforim that exist (other than ...
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The Alter Rebbe's view of reviewing Torah - is it followed in practice?

Related: comment thread in What should a Jew learn regularly? In the end of the Shulchan Aruch Harav Yoreh Deah, chelek ה, the Alter Rebbe has a wonderful exposition on the laws of Talmud Torah. In ...
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Hierarchy of learning

What is the best way to go about learning the fundamentals of Torah? Obviously the chumash would be first, and gemara seems to take precedence in yeshivot. So my question is what are the basics one ...
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