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How do you CYLOR after posting on

We recommend CYLOR. How do I: ask the OR a shaaloh that one has already posted on Should I acknowledge its use when asking? introduce the concept of judaism.stackexchange....
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Would the President of the United States have to put mezuzot on the doors of the White House?

If a Jew were elected president of the United States, would he/she be required to put a mezuzah on all of the doors of the White House? I can think of many arguments for each side. The house does not ...
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Does a jail-cell need a mezuzah?

Does one in jail need to put a mezuzah on his cell? Assuming this is a standard American jail. If it is a jail owned by a Jew, is there an obligation on the inmate or the owner?
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If you put up a mezuzah before 30 days, can you make a blessing?

I am referring above all to mezuzahs placed on rented spaces in the Diaspora before 30 days have elapsed. In the case of a rented space outside Eretz Yisroel, mezuzah does not become an obligation ...
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Mezzuzahs- putting them up, and saying brachot

Is there an "issur" regarding not putting up a mezuzzah? Is there such thing as having 30 days until the issue kicks in? Also, can you say the bracha each time you put one up? Or, if two different ...
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Re Mezuzah: What is the definition of a Pundak and when does it apply?

We learn in Shulchan Aruch, Yoreh Deah 286:22 - סימן רפו - מקומות החיבים במזוזה - that if you rent a house in Eretz Yisrael you have to affix a Mezuza immediately. However, if you live in a פֻנְדָּק ...
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Do hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins require a mezuzah?

I understand that a mezuzah is required on the doors of rooms that are permanent dwellings. Hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins are rented to different people. Does the passenger or hotel guest need ...
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When do you place the Mezuzah?

Possible Duplicate: Mezzuzahs- putting them up, and saying brachot… When do you place the Mezuzah? 30 days after beginning rental or moving in?
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Mezuzah on a store door?

If a Jewish person owned a store as a small business, do they have to put a mezuzah on their store doors? Or would this not be considered a “dwelling place” which requires a mezuzah? This is all of ...
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Are there special Halachos for homeowners?

As people progress through life, they hope to reach many milestones. They (in no particular order) become an adult, get married, get a job, have kids, etc. As an Orthodox Jew, we're aware that each ...
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