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Can someone refute these claims against Judaism? [duplicate]

EVIDENCE THAT TRADITIONAL JEWISH LAW ALLOWS SEX WITH 3-YEAR-OLDS Traditional Jewish texts affirm that it is permissible for a Jewish man to have sex with 3 year old girls. Why? It is because they are ...
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Is this really in the Talmud?

I've seen this before on anti-semetic sites - is it really in the Talmud? Extracts from the Jewish text the Talmud "Just the Jews are humans, the non-Jews are no humans, but cattle" ...
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Apologetics for marriage at 3 years old

Are there contemporary apologetics for the Mishnah (Niddah 44b) that a girl of the age of 3 can be married by sexual relations? (It seems difficult to accept that such a thing is even allowed in ...
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Limits to Dina Dmalchusa Dina

What are the specifications of Dina Dimalchusah? A more targeted question to answer would be: If I ripped off the label of my mattress — the label that says its removal is punishable by federal ...
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Prohibition of a Kohen marrying a Zonah

In the prohibition of a Kohen marrying a Zonah (cf. Vayikra 21:7), what defines a woman as a Zonah? Is it just having had relations with a non-Jew, or does it also include having relations out of ...
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Why was there a distinction made for women captives?

In Numbers 31, God tells the Israelites to wipe out the Midianites (and incidentally, Balaam) by killing every male. But they spared certain women (v17-18): Now therefore kill every male among the ...
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Is an unconsumated marriage still a halachic marriage?

If the wedding ceremony is completed and the man and woman are led off to the yichud room -all the formalities are done, the kesubah is signed etc, however is the act is not actually consummated are ...
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Moav or Midian - who seduced the Jews at Shitim?

Who were the women seducers in Shitim who caused the Jewish people to stray after their gods (Baal Peor), discussed in Parshas Balak and Pinchas? On the one hand, it seems like the women came from ...
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What is the origin of Dina DeMalchuta Dina, what is its reason? [closed]

As I know, halacha is based on Talmud, and Talmud is based on the Torah. Thus, Dina DeMalchuta Dina should also have the verses in the Torah, on which it is based on. But as I know the Torah, I can't ...
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What is the upper limit to the age of Bagrus?

Nowadays, we say a girl becomes a naarah when she reaches age 12 and a bogeress, when she reaches age 12 1/2, at which point she is no longer called a naarah. At what age, or under what circumstances,...
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Rape perpetrated by an adult male towards a girl under three years of age: halachic framework

In his Mishneh Torah -Issurei Biah 1:13, Rambam states that if a male copulates with a girl under the age of three,also the male,even if he was an adult, is exempt from liability, for the act is not ...
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English translations of Rabinnical statements not available?

I do not speak or read Hebrew, I am trying to conduct my own research into the materials cited at Does the talmud promote pedophilia? and most of the quoted source material (with obvious exception of ...
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Talmud Jerusalem Kiddushin 3,8

What does this passage from the Jerusalem Talmud Kiddushin 3,8 mean? Does this refer to a father who married his minor daughter and then filed for divorce because she is unsuitable for the priesthood? ...
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