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Do 20+ Singles Violate Halachah?

Does the practice of 20+ year-old single men not in yeshiva violate halacha? For not getting married at 18 like it is prescribed in Avos? What is the age limit where you can push it off before it ...
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Is perpetual virginity or remaining unmarried superior to marriage? [duplicate]

In Judaism, is perpetual virginity or remaining unmarried a higher state of life than marriage?
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According to Halacha, are there rules for practicing celibacy, living a life as a monk or nun? Or is it simply prohibited? [duplicate]

Having children (or being "fruitful") is considered the first mitzvah and commandment, and is considered an "obligation" according to Halacha - but are there any rules for those ...
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Is it true that who never marries won't have a share in Olam HaBa? [duplicate]

If I am not mistaken, Rav P.S. Berg ( I know he is not a good source according to Jewish authorities) said in his book "The Essential Zohar" that if someone didn't get married during his lifetime, he ...
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Is a rabbi required to be married?

I have heard (I honestly cannot remember where...) that to be a rabbi a man must be married. Is there any truth to this? I am more interested in knowing if this was true in the first century C.E. ...
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Non-Jew's marriage obligation

Does a non-Jew have an obligation to get married like the Jew does?
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Since Marriage is a Positive Commandment. Can one refrain from getting married?

I’ve been struggling with this question and have found some sources that allows one to refrain from positive commandments especially if they are not available to him. The big one being “Marriage” so ...
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Does a Jewish woman have a responsibility, according to halacha, to get married?

Does a Jewish woman have a responsibility, according to halacha, to get married? My question references the halacha. The other question does not reference halacha, and neither do the answers ...
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How does the kohein gadol's substitute wife work?

The first mishna of Yoma1 explains that before Yom Kippur, a substitute wife is prepared for the kohein gadol lest his wife die -- because the torah says he makes atonement for himself and "his house",...
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Is getting married a Mitzva in its own right or a necessary precondition for another Mitzva?

Is getting married a Mitzva in its own right or a Hechsher Mitzvah (i.e. necessary precondition) for another Mitzva?
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Who is Patur from Marriage?

Is there anyone (like a Shoteh or Choleh) Patur from getting married & or having Children?
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