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Self-defense in a street fight?

I was in a situation where someone basically approached me indicating he was going to fight me, squared up with me, stared me down etc. pushed me twice, and then I thought to myself, "If he raises a ...
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Hitting your child as a disciplinary/educational measure - modern opinions

Shemos Rabbah (Shemos parsha 1) and a gemara in Makos (8a) both seem to indicate that physically striking a child/student is a positive thing to do in terms of discipline/education. My question is: ...
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Self-defense (in a case of one's capital, not a capital case)

There is a well known rule that if A is threatening B's life, B may kill A, if necessary, to prevent that. Is there any such rule in non-capital cases? Specifically: If A is threatening B with ...
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Causing injury while playing a sport

Suppose one Jew accidentally injurs another Jew while playing a contact sport such as football. Is the injured party entitled damages as compensation for the injury, or does the participation in an ...
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May a Jew be a professional boxer?

Are there any halachic problems with a Jew being a professional boxer?
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Non responsibility for Damages on Purim

Why is one not required to pay if one causes damage on Purim? Does it apply in all situations?
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Leniency to aggrieve a minor (one's child)?

Causing certain types of harm to one's fellow (for example, stealing or battering) is prohibited. But do these laws apply if the victim is a minor? To what extent? What if the minor is one's own child-...
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Punishment for assault

I'm familiar with jewish laws governing murder, but I can't recall ever having heard of jewish laws which govern assault. What are some of the rules concerning classifying and punishing people who ...
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Is it Asur to watch violent sports?

Is it Asur to watch violent sports like boxing or UFC, or some of the horrific videos of war footage that can be found online (which were pointed out to me, and to which I won't link here) for ...
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What is the halacha if a Jew injures another Jew during battle training?

I am not aware of any information in the written or oral Torah which discusses what was involved in preparing Jewish army troops for battle, but I assume that soldiers would spar with each other and ...
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Understanding the beating of students

As mentioned in a previous question, the Shulkhan Aruch, O''C 551:18 writes: צריך ליזהר מי"ז בתמוז עד ט' באב שלא לילך יחידי מד' שעות עד ט' שעות (משום שבהם קטב מרירי שולט) ; ולא יכו התלמידים בימים ...
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Discipline of children

When we have to administer a spanking to our seven year old, does Halakha demand an actual Rod? My husband and I use the palm of the hand on his bare behind.
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