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Am I considered Jewish if? [duplicate]

my great-grandmother's grandparents were Russian Jews who left Russia during the programs in the early 1900s. When they came over to the United States, they had my great-great grandmother, who then ...
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Does a Jewish great grandmother (mother's side) qualify me to make Aliyah? [duplicate]

My great grandmother was Gertrude Wirtschafter. She married a non-jew but her mother was jewish and married a jew. My great-great grandmother was Rose Wirtschafter and her husband was Abram Katz. I ...
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My maternal 4th-great grandmother, born in 1787, had a Jewish maiden name, Zagel, and lived in Eastern Europe. Am I, therefore, Jewish? [duplicate]

My maternal 4th-great grandmother, born in 1787, had a Jewish maiden name, Zagel, and lived in Eastern Europe. Am I, therefore, Jewish? I was raised in the Roman Catholic religion, yet, since I was 8 ...
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Am I Jewish? How to go about proving this is my Grandmother is deceased? [duplicate]

I am sure there are many other questions that have similarities to mine. I apologize ahead of time if this irritates anyone. Growing up I always felt a strange kinship with the jewish children in our ...
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Are you Jewish if adopted immediately after birth by a Jewish mother raised and having lived Catholic? [duplicate]

This is a hypothetical with a fact pattern that has not been answered by any previous questions. Generally, a non-Jew adoptee in a Jewish family will be Jewish by halachic upbringing. If a child of a ...
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Is a converted Jew with no Jewish ancestral background or lineage considered a Jew? [duplicate]

I wonder if a gentile converts to Judaism and has no Jewish family background at all then is that person considered a Jew? Are there any sects in Judaism that have this restriction? Any citations or ...
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How far back must one go to know they are Jewish? [duplicate]

There are certainly people who are unsure about their Jewish lineage. However, even if they know their mother is jewish, and therefore they are as well, how far back must one go? If they prove their ...
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Can I become Jewish just by saying “I am a Jew”? [duplicate]

I am interested in the faith of Judaism. I am curious about being “informally Jewish”. This is because I am interested in this religion because of its history and willingness to be open. I am not ...
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Am I Jewish By All Accounts? [duplicate]

I have been a religious college student for the past two years. I was raised Jewish, underwent a Brit Milah at my birth, was a Bar Mitzvah, and my father's side of the family is Jewish, ethnically and ...
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Does the lineage cross from mother to son [duplicate]

My Great Great Grand Mother was Jewish. She had three children. Two deceased not long after birth; one survived. The surviving child was a male. Would he be Jewish because of his mother? Would ...
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What is my status with God?

I am asking in a manner where “I” represents people like me, in the sense that the answer might apply to me but also more broadly to others. By “status with God” Interpret as “what consequences may ...
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Ramifications of a Baby Switch [duplicate]

At the hospital 2 newborns get swapped, one Jewish for one not. 20 yrs later someone realizes what happened & informs both kids of the mistake, does their status change? Does the ‘non Jewish’ boy ...
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Is there a Jewish race? [closed]

I've never been comfortable with the term "race" when applied to people, as people are all part of the "human race". But, according to, the word "race&...
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Is a convert considered a real Jew if not keeping kosher? [duplicate]

If a person converts to Judaism is he/she considered a real Jew if he/she doesn’t keep kosher? I’m concerned because my mother converted properly and in accordance with Jewish law, but she never ...
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Halacha to be jew (from parents) [duplicate]

I have a friend that her grandfather (from her mother) was jew, he married a woman that wasn't jew. What is the halachic position of this friend of mine??? Is she considered to be jew? If not, what ...
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