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Is Jewish orphan raised outside of Israel considered automatically as a Hebrew person? [duplicate]

Would a person born of both Jewish parents, but raised in an orphanage house in another country, say, in France, and, thus, not knowing a word in Hebrew, would still be considered as a Jew by the ...
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Identifying someone as being Jewish [duplicate]

How many generations back is one allowed to go to identify himself as being Jewish? If a Jew converts to another religion, he is still Jewish and his descendants are Jewish. Does this mean that if ...
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Can a Jew lose their Jewish Status?

Can a Jew lose their status as being a Jew by performing any action (example: performing idolatry, disavowing core beliefs, converting to another religion, etc)? Or once a person is a Jew then they ...
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Hebrew document found in grandfather's attic—what does it state?

I found this document in my grandfather's attic and would be thankful if someone could tell me (a) what this document is, (b) whether there are any names written, and (c) which, if any, religious ...
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Does a finding of Jewish blood in a DNA test make one Jewish? [duplicate]

I had a DNA test done and the results say that my DNA is group with Sephardic Jews. My last name is Steen and I have always heard that we were of Dutch ancestry and I do genealogy and have not found ...
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Joining a synagogue after two generations non-practising

My (Jewish) great-grandparents came to the UK from Poland during the second world war, but due to their experiences of violent anti-semitism, hid their Jewishness from the public in the UK. The result ...
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Why did the son of the Egyptian and Jew have to convert?

Rashi on Vayikra 24:10 says that the son of the Egyptian man (that Moshe killed) and Shlomit bat Divri converted: בתוך בני ישראל: מלמד שנתגייר: However, since his mother was a Jew, why did he ...
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When did the switch to matrilineal descent occur?

Does anyone know when the switch the matrilineal descent took place? I've seen other information about the potential impetus, but when did it become so? Was there even a switch?
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If a convert goes off the derekh, must he go to the mikvah again after he repents?

A female convert I know, who had stopped observing mitzvos for a few years, but then sought to return to the fold, was led to believe by someone that she would have to go again to the mikvah to ...
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Does Orthodox Judaism Recognize Reform Conversions?

If a person converted into the Reform or Conservative (Masorti) Movements, would Orthodox Jews consider them to be Jewish in the first place? This is also assuming the person keeps basic Kosher (not ...
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Are converts to Judaism considered inferior in any way to Jews who are ethnically Jewish?

I use the word "inferior" for want of a better word as it has negative connotations, try to disregard those connotations when reading the question. I'm wondering if someone converts to Judaism, are ...
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What is my status with God?

I am asking in a manner where “I” represents people like me, in the sense that the answer might apply to me but also more broadly to others. By “status with God” Interpret as “what consequences may ...
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Other than Avraham has there ever been an organized attempt to draw new converts to Judaism?

We know that in very early Judaism Avraham and Sarah converted people to Judaism We know that if your mother was Jewish you are Jewsish We know that it is possible for a Gentile to convert to Judaism ...
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Star of david with cross in middle? Okay to have (tattoo Question) [duplicate]

firstly I understand that tattoos are forbidden in many ways, I am not Jewish, however I come from a christian family whom down the line there are Jewish members down the line. long story short I ...
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How far must one be able to trace one's Jewish lineage?

I have heard some talk to the effect that as long as an American Jew can trace his/her maternal lineage back to prewar Europe, he/she can be assumed to be Jewish. Is this true? I assume there must ...
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