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Does a Jewish grandmother (mother's side) really get one accepted as a Jew? [duplicate]

My grandmother (mother's side) is 100% Jewish and even living in Israel. As far as I know, that makes, me a Jew, too. But it feels a little bit strange to say that I am Jewish just because my ...
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My great great grandmother was Jewish - am I? [duplicate]

I've discovered that my great, great grandmother was Jewish - i.e. my mother's mother's mother's mother. She converted to Catholicism upon marriage. Are matrilineal descendants of a Jewess who ...
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Is the child of a convert, conceived after she converted, Jewish? [duplicate]

If a woman converted before she conceived any children are they considered Jewish? Even with a non-Jewish father? I understand that non-Jewish mothers with Jewish husbands do not have Jewish children ...
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Mother was adopted into Jewish family and raised Jewish, and she raised me as a Jew... Will my children be Jewish? [duplicate]

My mother was adopted, raised as a reform Jew and became Bat Mitzvah, continued with her Jewish studies through Confirmation...but I do recall her finding out one day that her parents never officially ...
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Children of converts to another religion [duplicate]

What's the status of the offspring of a Jewish woman who converted to another religion (knowing the woman herself nonetheless remains Jewish)? Are they still Jewish?
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Extent of matrilineal descent [duplicate]

Am I a Jew if my mother's mother's mother's mother's mother was a Jew? Even if along the line one of my foremothers converted to another faith? I'd just like a better understanding of matrilineal ...
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Do people who are Jewish by ancestry but are descendents of apostates need to convert? [duplicate]

Suppose a Jewish woman converts to Christianity. Her children find out about their Jewish ancestry and decide that Judaism is right for them. Do they have to go through a conversion process? Does it ...
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If my maternal grandmother's maternal grandmother was Jewish, does that mean I'm technically Jewish? [duplicate]

My family is from the Netherlands and my grandmother was always aware that her grandmother was Jewish but she did not mention it to the family until recently, mainly because of hangover trauma from ...
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Is it true that for one to become a Jew he has to be either born Jew or his mother is a Jew? [duplicate]

I saw a video on youtube of a Jewish guy saying that no one can can be a Jew unless he is born Jew or his mother is a Jew.
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Ramifications of a Baby Switch [duplicate]

At the hospital 2 newborns get swapped, one Jewish for one not. 20 yrs later someone realizes what happened & informs both kids of the mistake, does their status change? Does the ‘non Jewish’ boy ...
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Is the matrilineal descendant of a convert Jewish? [duplicate]

A woman converted to Judaism to marry a man who was a practicing Jew and Jewish by birth. Their great-grandchild recently learned this. Is that great-grandchild considered a Jew according to halacha?...
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Can I become Jewish just by saying “I am a Jew”? [duplicate]

I am interested in the faith of Judaism. I am curious about being “informally Jewish”. This is because I am interested in this religion because of its history and willingness to be open. I am not ...
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What if someone thinks he is a Jew but his ancestor had not orthodox conversion/was gentile? [duplicate]

So I thought. These days, most Orthodox Jews would not consider people converted in a Conservative or Reform branch of Judaism jewish, right? But how do you know, as an Orthodox Jew, that you are 100 %...
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What is the process involved in a Beth Din recognition of Jewish status? [duplicate]

I was curious if someone could give me a breakdown regarding what the process would be for a person to receive recognition of their status through the Beth Din. I'm not speaking to conversion but of ...
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Adoption Mixups & Matrilineal Descent [duplicate]

A most perplexing question was posed to me today, curious to see others thoughts -- A baby girl is adopted after the first day of birth. The adoptive parents are a frum couple who are told the baby'...
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