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Purpose of Learning Gemara

Disclaimer: I am Jewish. Don't get thrown off by the Arabic name. I can't login into my original stackexchange account. This is a pseudo twitter login account I use here. I am wondering if someone can ...
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Why study non-practical tractates of Talmud?

A quick background: I recently sat down with my step-father and brother and learned Masechet Makkot with them for a bit - this was their first time learning Talmud. Given that the masechet starts ...
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Why do Yeshivos learn Talmud Bavli so extensively?

Most Yeshivos (from 5th Grade-End of High school) Learn Talmud Bavli. My question is: Why? What is the point of learning Talmud Bavli so extensively? I know that it is Hashem's Word, but there are ...
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Why not focus on halacha in elementary education?

From the Mishna B'rura's introduction to the rules of Shabas: …But by what means can we arrive at this level: that one keeps Shabas in all its details? The advice on this is that one urge himself ...
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Why Choose Talmud Bavli For The Daily Study

As we know it is a big custom to learn a daf of Talmud Bavli a day (Dafyomi). My question is why did they choose to pick Talmud Bavli. There are so many other Subjects that could actually affect ...
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Paskening from Talmud vs. Shulchan Arukh

Sometimes poskim will pasken from the Talmud (gemara) instead of the Shulchan Arukh. However, I thought that we pasken from the Shulchan Arukh and not from the Talmud. What is the proper way for ...
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Benefit of learning the rishonim for non posek-wannabes?

For a person whose goal is NOT to become a posek what would be the benefit or purpose in learning the rishonim when one learns a gemarah? By rishonim I am referring to the Rash, Ran in the back of ...
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Why learn either Rambam or Shas?

Why learn either Rambam or Shas being that we don't pasken straight from a Gemara nor do we Ashkenazim from the Rambam? And being that the Rambam says in his introduction that his work (Yad Chazakah) ...
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Why is learning “non lmaaseh” Sugyas in shas B’iyun prioritized over learning “Halacha lmaaseh sugyas”

What I mean by “non lmaaseh” are sugyas in shas that most probably will very scarcely be nogeah to our daily life. I understand that to learn these sugyas well will give us a deep understanding of how ...
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Why does the gemara record an "Ileima" suggested answer?

Sometimes to answer a question the gemara will start out by saying "ileima...". The structure of such an answer is as follows: "If you want to answer this way, you can't for such and such a reason, ...
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Sources needed on Torah-Study

I'm looking for the following sources, I searched for it, but unfortunately can't find them on HebrewBooks (might be my mistake though) Igros Moshe, Orach Chayim 1:20 by R'Moshe Feinstein, in which ...
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