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Is hell a concept in judaism? [duplicate]

Hell is a culturally pervasive term referring to a metaphysical location where a person after death may eternally suffer at the judgement and wrath of non-human entities. Is there a basis to this ...
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Does the hell exist? [duplicate]

Does the hell exist? As in the book of Isaiah, there is a reference to "fire" that is not "quenched". Isaiah 66:24 "And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcasses of the men that have ...
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Why is there no description of Olam Haba in the Torah?

According to the beginning of the Mesilas Yesharim, the entire purpose of creation is for man to merit Olam Haba (the bliss of the next world). If so, why is there no mention nor description of Olam ...
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Existence of Heaven and Hell

I heard from a Jewish colleague that the concept of Heaven and Hell were not originally part of Judaism. I couldn't find references to these concepts in the Old Testament. So Were these part of ...
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If one watches television on Friday night, will one go to hell?

If one watches television on Friday night, will one go to hell?
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On the nature of 'Olam HaBa'

I have read that Olam HaBa is an idyllic state in which the world will exist after the Moshiach arrives. Is this correct? But I've also read that Olam HaBa is only for the righteous of all nations, ...
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Does Judaism have a concept of purgatory and if so what's the evidence?

Purgatory is often dismissed as being nothing more than a Roman Catholic doctrine that most Protestants do not believe, but does Judaism have a concept of purgatory of a state of purgation in which a ...
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If Jews don't believe in heaven, what reason do they have to follow a moral code? [closed]

In Christianity for example, some people argue that you should be good on this Earth in order to get your reward in heaven. In Judaism as there is no heaven, what is the reason given to follow the ...
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How is it determined whether someone goes to Heaven or to Hell?

I was told by a Chabad rabbi that the determination of reaching Heaven or Hell (Gan Eden or Gehinnom) is done through the weighing of aveiros (sins) and mitzvos (good deeds). This was, of course, a ...
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Hell or something else: גהנום/ גהנם and שאול what are these?

'Hell' as described in most dictionaries doesn't seem to be the right translation. Yet a lot of translations of the Tanakh uses this word to translate words such as Sheol and Gehinom ( גהנום/ גהנם and ...
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