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Why were Adam and Hava punished? [duplicate]

Since Adam and Hava didn't know what was right and wrong until after they ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, why were they punished for eating from it? They couldn't have known it was ...
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Why does evil exist?

I realize this is a very common question, but the problem of evil is an important one, and as far as I can tell, has not been asked here. In short, why does G-d allow evil to exist?
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Why does God tolerate demons? What is their purpose?

The Bavli records in many places the existence of demons, and answers to this question cite rishonim and acharonim who take this seriously. Pesachim 112b relates a story in which demons are (...
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What drove humans to their first sin?

What caused Adam and Chava to sin; to do the wrong thing; to make the wrong choice: What was it in their human being, thats being called Tov me'od (Bereshit 1:31), that drove them into eating from the ...
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Is The Tree of Life Good or Bad [closed]

In Bereishis God places Cherubin to guard the path to the tree of life so that Adam does not eat from it. There's only one other place where we find the Cherubin - on the ark. Inside the ark was the ...
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Why was the knowledge of good and evil embodied in the fruit of a tree?

In the story of creation man is forbidden from eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Why was the knowledge of good and evil embodied in a tree and fruit specifically?
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Did Cain and Hevel have דעת?

Kayin and Hevel were born before Adam and Chava sinned and ate from the Tree of Knowledge. (See Rashi to 4:1.) Did Kayin and Hevel ever receive the understanding that their parents got from the fruit?...
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Good vs. Evil (wrong)

My question might be similar to other questions posted on this website; After the creation HaShem says: Bereshit 1:31: 'And Elohim saw every thing that He had made, and, behold, it was tov me’od (...
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Why was it forbidden to take knowledge of rah?

Why was it forbidden to take knowledge of rah if HaShem created rah, or created the tree of knowledge tov v'rah? Why wouldn't HaShem allow the first human beings to take knowledge of rah, because ...
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What exactly was Adam and Chava's sin?

Bereshit 2:9-10 tells about HaShem Elohim made to spring up every tree (in Gan Eden) pleasing to the sight, and tov for food and the Etz HaChayim (Tree of Life) also in the midst of Gan Eden, and the ...
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What did Adam and Chava learn after eating of the Tree?

After reading this question and its answers and related discussion, I am still left with a question (so I don't think this is an exact dulicate): Is the binary of good/evil (tov/ra) the same as right/...
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How did adam an eve sin before the existence of the evil inclination? [duplicate]

If people only sin because the evil inclination compells them to sin, how then did adam and eve sin before the evil inclination was in existence?
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