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Which Torah and Tanakh is used in Ashkenazi and Sefardi? [duplicate]

I edit the question a little... What is the authoritative text/version of the Torah and Kanakh for Ashkenazi and Sefardi Jews? With that I mean, which text do they use when they create a scroll and in ...
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How can the Rambam's Eighth Principle of Jewish Faith be believed in light of Hazal?

The Rambam's eighth Principle of Jewish Faith states that the entire Torah in our possession - every verse - was dictated to Mosheh Rabbenu and that it has not changed. However, we have explicit ...
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what is the single letter difference between ashkenazi and sephardi torah scrolls

According to The only letter difference between Ashkenazim and Sephardim is whether a particular word ends ...
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Accuracy of Torah Text

What evidence do we have regarding the accuracy of the Torah text (five books of Moses)? How much if at all has it changed over time?
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How do members of a given denomination understand what happens on events from other denominations?

I watched a UsefulChart video on Jewish denominations, which I found very educative as an atheist interested in history. It was not clear however whether the various denominations can share/understand ...
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Changes in Halacha [closed]

Is Halacha (specifically Halacha, not minhag) capable of changing, or is it an immutable constant? In other words, is Halacha an inflexible set of rules that never bend to societal needs, scientific ...
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Is there any particular standard recension/variation of the masoretic tradition that scribes use for torah scrolls in shul?

I don't know if i'm entirely correct in this, but I understand that there have in the past been variations in malai and chaser, throughout both the ashkenazi and sephardi world.. And then there was ...
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Why Is A Yemenite Torah Scroll Kosher? [duplicate]

How come a yemenite Torah scroll is kosher to read from, even though it is different from all other Torah scrolls?
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Is the passage repeated during the reading of Zachor the only place such a question arises?

When we read Parshas Zachor shortly before Purim, we repeat a passage. According to the Mishneh Berurah 685, there is a dispute concerning the vowels that belong here. One possibility would seem to ...
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Implication of uncertain letters in the Torah

I learned that there are a number of uncertain letters in the written Torah This article lists 12 (counts vary). (1) Bereishit 4:13 "Mineso" (E&T w/o Vav) (2) Bereishit 7:11 "Ma'ayanos (E&...
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