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Changing location mid-way during Shemoneh Esrei?

In one of these hopefully rare events, I’ve found myself needing to daven Shemoneh Esrei in a hotel lobby. I tried finding a quiet place, only to realise mid-way one of the workers telling me I was ...
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Should I close my eyes for the shmona esrei or look in the siddur?

I was taught to look in the siddur when davening. But the answer here suggests that some authorities prefer to close their eyes during the amida. What are sources for all opinions on this matter?
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What to do in a case of no siddur available and additions to the Shemoneh Esrei?

(Feel free to write a better title.) Today i ended up getting to shul too late for mincha, and having to daven outside (still within the proper time). Now, i know shemoneh esrei by heart, and even ...
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Saying magein avraham versus magein avram

The chazzan is at the end of Avos (first bracha of Shmoneh Esrei) and he says, "...מגן אברם" (without the hei) instead of "...מגן אברהם," (with a hei). Would he be יוצא?
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Is there any contemporary posek who says you can deviate from the wording in the shmona esrei?

I am reading Kavvana: Directing the Heart in Jewish Prayer by Rabbi Dr. Avi (Seth) Kadish. There he makes the argument that the Anshei Kneset Hagedolah never established the exacting wording for the ...
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Am I allowed to interrupt someone in the middle of Shmoneh Esreh if my question is related to davening?

My friend and I are in the middle of davening Shmoneh Esreh. Rather than talk, I text him, "I don't remember if today is Rosh Hodesh. Do we say 'Ya'aleh V'yavo?'" Can I interrupt my friend for this ...
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Does Sim Shalom use orthodox text for maariv, and, if so, is it usable for maariv?

I was in a Jewish Community Center recently for a meeting, after which a bunch of people wished to say orthodox maariv. Someone went to the JCC's chapel to borrow sidurim (prayer books), and brought ...
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Shaliach Tzibbur missed out one or more blessings in the repetition of the amidah. What to do later?

What should one do if the Shaliach Tzibbur missed out one or more blessings in the repetition of the amidah and it was only pointed out to him after he had finished? Does he have to repeat the amidah ...
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Should I improvise a b'racha in a case of doubt?

I didn't grow up on "b'racha bees" and I know there's a lot I don't know, so I sometimes find myself in a situation where either I know there's a b'racha for something but I don't know it, or I don't ...
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Should I say "amen" to a malformed bracha?

If I hear somebody substantially mispronounce a bracha, should I say amen anyway (recognizing the intent) or remain silent? I'm not talking about nuances like pronouncing 'ayin or distinguishing ...
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Interrupting in the middle of Shmona esrei

Am I allowed to interrupt in the middle of Shmona esrei in order to pick up a Siddur (or any other holy book) that has fallen to the floor? Same question, if I have to make some steps in order to pick ...
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Variant on: Is it better to Daven "too early" with a Minyan, or to Daven alone at the right time?

In many communities there is a regular weekday morning Minyan and the "working-person's" Minyan, which technically Davens too early according to most opinions, but which is better than nothing, ...
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The Tur's word counts for Shemoneh Esreh

I have often seen the Tur cited as giving exact word counts for each blessing of the Shemoneh Esreh. The arguments I have seen for being careful to adhere to the word counts include that this would ...
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