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source for not paskening by tanach?

I recall hearing an idea that we don't pasken by tanach So, a rabbi or judge, nowadays, would pasken by the shulchan aruch and various repsonsa, and I suppose by the talmud. I don't know if the ...
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Israeli travelling in chutz la'aretz on second day Yom Tov (Hawaii)

Is an Israeli allowed to leave Israel motzei chag and arrive in America on what is second day chag in America? The flight would have a stopover in LAX (which I've read isn't an issue), but arriving ...
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Is the timing of Mitzvot more intentional or more extentional?

This question is inspired by: Halakhic International Date Line issues I was reading the answers, or actually the source quotations, and realized that the answer to the questions about ...
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How long does a vow made "until it will be Shavuos" last?

The mishnah in Nedarim 8:3 gives the following general rule: This is the rule: Anything that has a set time and he says, "until it reaches that time," he is forbidden until that time. If he ...
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What if two communities had two different Shabbat days?

Imagine this: One community, A, keeps Shabbat on what we identify as Saturday. However, another community, B, for whatever reason, actually keeps Shabbat on what we identify as Sunday. These two ...
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Six month daytime duration

In the Beresheit account of Creation, a day begins at sundown and ends the next day at sundown. But we know closer to each of the Earth's poles, an actual day can last up to six months. The sun rises ...
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