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PTIJ: Can we change the liturgy for the day before the clock change? [closed]

The well-known custom for generations in holy congregations in the United States is to conclude services on the last Shabbat that's at least 27 days before Tekufat Nissan with the following formula, ...
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Time Travel and Judaism

Has time travel ever been discussed before in terms of Judaism? According to Judaism would (should) it be possible to travel through time?
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Why does shabbat start at different times at different places? [closed]

Crossing a time zone does not conjure up a time warp, so how can it be Friday in one place, and Shabbat in another? It just doesn't seem possible.
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Plural of "Nafka Minah"

(Inspired by HodofHod's commment here: Four Holy Cities) What is the proper plural for the common Aramaic phrase Nafka Minah נפקא מינה which means something along the line of "practical differences"? ...
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Can you fly from American Samoa on Friday evening to Upolu? (30 minute flight, 24 hour difference)

Firstly I'd like to point out if you Google "Samoa" and "Shabbat" you would find many articles from 2011 that were referring to a time where Samoa changed the day of Saturday, it happened only once ...
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Implications of Samoa skipping a Friday

This week, the island of Samoa is switching time zones, causing it to skip from Thursday directly to Saturday. Out of simple curiosity, what implications might this have on any Jews on the island? ...
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What are the earliest starting and latest ending times for shabbat worldwide utc time?

I am writing an app and I want to block of one feature for the entire world for Shabbat. What would be the earliest time for shabbat to start anywhere in the world during the shortest day of the year?...
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Is the timing of Mitzvot more intentional or more extentional?

This question is inspired by: Halakhic International Date Line issues I was reading the answers, or actually the source quotations, and realized that the answer to the questions about ...
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Keeping Two-day Shabbos in the Pacific Islands? [duplicate]

What's this I see about people in the Pacific Islands keeping two days of Shabbos? If it is true: Who, how, since when, and why?
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How long does a vow made "until it will be Shavuos" last?

The mishnah in Nedarim 8:3 gives the following general rule: This is the rule: Anything that has a set time and he says, "until it reaches that time," he is forbidden until that time. If he ...
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source for not paskening by tanach?

I recall hearing an idea that we don't pasken by tanach So, a rabbi or judge, nowadays, would pasken by the shulchan aruch and various repsonsa, and I suppose by the talmud. I don't know if the ...
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Israeli travelling in chutz la'aretz on second day Yom Tov (Hawaii)

Is an Israeli allowed to leave Israel motzei chag and arrive in America on what is second day chag in America? The flight would have a stopover in LAX (which I've read isn't an issue), but arriving ...
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Holidays south of the equator

When Jews first started establishing communities south of the equator, they must have noticed that the holidays fell completely at the wrong times of the year. (For example, Pesach, referred to as hag ...
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Six month daytime duration

In the Beresheit account of Creation, a day begins at sundown and ends the next day at sundown. But we know closer to each of the Earth's poles, an actual day can last up to six months. The sun rises ...
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Time for morning prayer when flying over Greenland and seeing the sun rise twice

Last year I flew from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles. The flight leaves at night (1am) and, in the winter, lands when it is still night (630am). However during the flight, over Greenland, one sees the sun ...

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