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Why do men or boys have to cover their hair, but not unmarried women?

Whatever the reasons for covering hair (e.g. fear of heaven), they seem to equally apply to men and women. So why don't unmarried women have to cover their hair?
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Transgender erva

Men's Health magazine has been in the news lately because of a contest in which people can vote on who will be on the magazine's cover. Currently leading in the voting is a transgender person who was ...
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Should separating pull apart Challah rolls be considered a forbidden act of completion?

I have heard many people state that using Challah* rolls that are baked in one unit to be pulled apart might be a problem for making Leḥem** Mishneh on Shabbath. In fact, there are rolls that are sold ...
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Are women allowed to see another woman's private area?

I always was curious if a woman has to guard her eyes, like men, in tznious. I've seen a lot of bikini pics. I just wanted to know if it's an aveira to see this type of stuff.
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Women and girls covering their heads when lighting candles

I'm not sure how widespread the following practice is, since, as a man - and even since I was a young boy - I have always taken little notice of other women and girls outside my immediate family as I (...
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Mechitza for Men and Women

Research suggests that a Mechitza is often implemented in a synagogue to prevent distractions and impure thoughts for men during prayer, which is understandable. However, it raises the question of why ...
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Can an engaged woman cover part of her hair as a practice in tzniut?

When a woman becomes engaged, can she practice covering her hair a little bit at a time (both in the amount of time spent with hair covered as well as how much of the hair is covered), such as wearing ...
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Does a woman have to dress tzniut in front of other women

According to Halacha, is there a requirement for a woman to dress tzniut around other women (with no men present)? Or, since there are no men around, is she permitted to dress in what would otherwise ...
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Does the law not to say G-d's name without a head covering apply to woman? [duplicate]

Does the law not to say G-d's name without a head covering ( Relationship between wearing a kippa and reciting a blessing ) apply to woman? Source? If not, why not?
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Married women uncovering their hair in the presence of gentiles

Is there a halachic difference of a married women covering her hair in the presence of Jews or Gentiles? Even if you hold like the chasam sofer who says that it's Deoraisa?
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Can women bathe or dress in front of other women?

I recently asked if Noah's condemnation of his son seeing his ervah implies that men should hide ervah even from other male relatives: Should men hide ervah from other men according to Bereishith 9? ...
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