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When will the Messiah come? [duplicate]

When will the Messiah come? What does the Torah and the Rabbis say about this question?
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Did the Messiah already come? [duplicate]

I was wondering if the Messiah who is prophesied by many has already to come or are we to continue looking?
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Which prophecies did Jesus fulfill and not fulfill? [closed]

I have been taught growing up that only Jesus has fulfilled the Old Testament messianic prophecies, and has not contradicted any messianic prophecies. Which messianic prophecies did Jesus fulfill? ...
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Will Moshiach know that he is Moshiach?

I am not asking how I will know who Moshiach is. My question is how will he know to do those things which will let me know who he is. And specifically, will he know long before his revelation that ...
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will the Messiah be the greatest torah scholar of the generation?

Besides that the Messiah must be of Davidic lineage, must he also be the greatest torah scholar of the generation (of Davidic lineage)?
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Must Mashiach have Jewish ancestry, or just Davidic?

So I recently found out that the rulers of Ethiopia claim descent from Shlomo. Since Mashiach needs to come from David, if this is true they fulfill that requirement. However, it is unlikely (or at ...
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Does Moshiach have to be a king?

Partially based on this question, I would like to know what the source is that Moshiach will be a king.
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Can Moshiach be a woman?

Is there any statement by chazal or the poskim which precludes Moshiach from being a woman?
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What is the view of the Jews for the Messiah [closed]

In the prophecies in Isaiah 9:6, in a modern version of the Authorized Version (a Christian translation): For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his ...
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Which kings must Moshiach descend from?

Moshiach must definitionally descend from David, and according to this answer he must also descend from Shlomo. However, Moshiach cannot descend from Yehoaichin because of Yirmiyahu's curse. Are ...
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Will the king messiah be a prophet?

By the phrase "king messiah," I am referring to the individual who is expected to come and restore the kingdom of David. (For example, the exact individual that Rambam writes about in this portion of ...
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Why a human Messiah?

I understand that Mashiach is going to be a human. What is the source for this, and are there any explanations why it must be so? Can't G-d Himself redeem us?
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Why don't Jews think Jesus is the messiah?

Christians say that Jesus is the Messiah spoken of in the Old Testament; Jews disagree. Why couldn't Jesus be the Messiah spoken of? Or could he possibly have been?
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