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Is it there an halachic opinion about whether or not it's ok for a person to take psychedelic mushrooms? [duplicate]

Assuming we're in portugal where drugs are decriminalized or in a Torah law society (So not taking into account Dina D'malchusa), what are the halakhic considerations regarding consuming psychedelic ...
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Are hallucigenics bad? [duplicate]

Logically, it would seem that the use of mushrooms or other psychedelic or hallucigenic drugs would be a bad thing in yiddishkeit. Though some people claim it allows for a great spiritual experience. ...
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Is one allowed to smoke Marijuana?

Not taking into account Dina D'malchusa, what are the Halachic problems with smoking marijuana? Is it allowed?
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Who says that keneh bosem is cannabis?

R' Aryeh Kaplan in The Living Torah quotes four opinions as to the identity of keneh bosem (page pictured below, paragraph beginning "fragrant cane"): calamus (Septuagint, Rambam Peirush ...
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May one consume peyote?

Peyote is a hallucinogenic plant that contains no harmful side effects or addictive properties and is legal for religious ceremonial use. May one consume it? related: Is one allowed to smoke ...
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What is the Jewish view on using psychedelic drugs to gain mystical insights?

What is Judaism's view on using psychedelics (like peyote, ayahuasca, magic mushrooms or cannabis) to receive mystical visions or gain insights? I am well aware of a growing trend nowadays among many ...
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What were the peiros Genosar?

In Brachos 44a there is a brief discussion of an apparently extraordinary type of fruit they call the peiros Genosar. The sages seemed to love it even though there were consequences after eating too ...
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Sources for incense used in the Bet HaMikdash being hallucinogens?

Are there any sources that suggest that the incense used in the Bet HaMikdash were hallucinogens? If this is true, how do we understand their practices back then? (There are various related ...
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Are there sources that discuss the proper role of mood-‎altering substances?‎

I am curious if there are any sources (halachic or hashkafic) that discuss the use of mood or personality altering substances.‎ From Caffeine or Chamomile tea all the way to psychiatric medication,‎ ...
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Are there any halachic rulings on legal recreational marijuana? [duplicate]

I have seen opinions from U.S. poskim from many years ago that rule that marijuana use should be forbidden by Jewish law on the basis of "dina d'Malchusa dina" ["the law of the land is the law"]. ...
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