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Is it heresy to follow secular dating on the destruction of the first Temple?

There is a discrepancy between rabbinic and secular sources regarding when the first Temple was destroyed -- a difference of some 165 years or so, which are called the "Missing Years." My question is ...
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Why is the idea of sefirot not shituf?

Why are the sefirot not considered a problem of Shituf? Is there anything wrong with believing in sefirot?
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Sources in Rishonim on the Authenticity of the Zohar

Are there any early contemporary discussions from the time of the revelation of the Zohar among recognized Rishonim about its authenticity? I mention "among recognized Rishonim" because I am aware ...
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Why does the authorship of the Zohar matter?

I've seen and heard a lot of controversy about the authorship of the Zohar, but it isn't quite clear to me that it matters. The nearest theory I can come up with is that if the Zohar is by Rashbi, ...
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How do Segulas Work?

How do segulas work? For example, according to the Zohar, one who reads the Ketores daily will get all sorts of berachos in his financial areas and will become wealthy. Yet the amount of money one is ...
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Learning Kabbalah from other students of the Arizal?

It says in Sforim that one shouldn't learn Kabbalah from any of the students of the Arizal except for R' Chaim Vital (as they didn't understand the Arizal properly). I have never seen such a worry ...
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Is there a p'sak when dealing with de'os?

I was wondering if the idea of paskening applies to the de'os area of Torah. As an example there is a machlokes rishonim how to view Chazal's relationship with the science they relied on to pasken ...
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The truth does not depend on popular opinion?

I have heard multiple Rabbis say, mostly in the name of HaRaMBa"M, that the truth is not dependent on the number of adherents to a particular opinion. I apologize for lack of accuracy. What is the ...
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To what extent are non-Chasidim bound by kabbalah?

Chassidim seem to follow the views of kabbalah to a greater degree than non-Chassidim. What status does kabbalah have in determing the practical halacha for non-Chassidim?
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Can one keep all possible Halachot and still be a heretic?

If there's a person who, for example's sake, keeps all Halachot applicable to him or her, can they do or believe in anything that would be considered heresy? What brought this question on was a ...
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Responses to Dor Daim / Talmidei HaRambam

Occasionally on this site and on other websites I stumble upon things written by Dor Daim or Talmidei HaRambam. I was wondering what the response is to these groups by other contemporary Orthodox ...
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Where does the knowledge of the kabbalah come from?

All the knowledge in the kabbalah.Where does it come from? Is it parts of the talmud? From the Torah? People who have been in heaven? Personal revelation? Where and how did they receive this ...
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What does it mean that the Shas was compiled with Ru'ach Ha'kodesh?

A Rebbi of mine in elementary school told me that me that the Talmud was written with Ru'ach Ha'kodesh, an idea that is accepted by many in the Orthodox world. What does it mean?
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Why to stop gentiles to learn Judaism? Is this a rabbinical law or Torah Law?

Judaism doesn't preach, nor encourage gentiles to convert, moreover, here I saw many discussions : It is not allowed to teach gentiles the Torah. Judaism believes in reincarnation, any gentiles could ...
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Prayer inclusion because of fear?

In the Mishnah of Rabbi Eliezer, the son of Rabbi Yosi HaG'lili, the Sages said, "What is the biblical source to include prayer among the mitzvos? From the verse, 'You shall fear G‑d, your L‑rd, and ...
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