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Do Jews believe that the messiah will be a prophet? [duplicate]

Is there a normative belief in orthodox Judaism that the messiah must also be a prophet? If so what is the source for this belief?
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Are the Jews today still waiting for the Messiah to come?

Are the Jews still today waiting for the promised Messiah to come? If so, then what kind of Messiah are they expecting right now? When do they expect him to come?
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Can Moshiach be a woman?

Is there any statement by chazal or the poskim which precludes Moshiach from being a woman?
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Will Moshiach know that he is Moshiach?

I am not asking how I will know who Moshiach is. My question is how will he know to do those things which will let me know who he is. And specifically, will he know long before his revelation that ...
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Is Mashiach an incarnation of God according to any Jewish tradition?

Some Christians believe that the Messiah was not supposed to be just a man but rather an incarnation of God. Do any Jews (not counting so-called messianic Jews who are really Christians) believe that ...
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Did the late Lubavicher Rebbe consider himself a to be a prophet and/or the mashiach?

There are strong suggestions within Chabad literature that the Rebbe was considered to be a prophet (Devar Malchut, see below). Some suggest that the Rebbe himself didn't do enough to discourage his ...
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Will prophecy return in the time of Mashiach?

Will the there be prophets in the times of Moshiach? Will everyone have some level of prophecy in the time of Mashiach? Or is prophecy gone forever?
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Does Moshiach have to be a king?

Partially based on this question, I would like to know what the source is that Moshiach will be a king.
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Must Mashiach have Jewish ancestry, or just Davidic?

So I recently found out that the rulers of Ethiopia claim descent from Shlomo. Since Mashiach needs to come from David, if this is true they fulfill that requirement. However, it is unlikely (or at ...
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will the Messiah be the greatest torah scholar of the generation?

Besides that the Messiah must be of Davidic lineage, must he also be the greatest torah scholar of the generation (of Davidic lineage)?
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Can Isaiah 11:2 be used a basis for the belief that the king messiah will be a prophet?

If a recent thread, I asked, "Will the king messiah be a prophet?" @b a cited a source from Rambam's Hilkhot Teshuva, 9.2 which states, "מפני שאותו המלך שיעמוד מזרע דויד בעל חכמה יהיה ...
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Will Messiah ben Josef be a prophet?

Is Messiah ben Josef, the war messiah, the messiah from the 10 lost tribes, expected to be a prophet? If not, how is he supposed to wage war in preparation for the messianic kingdom?
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