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Was Rachav A Harlot (Prostitute)?

It specifically says several times in Yehoshua chapter 2 and chapter 6 that Rachav was a Harlot " וְאֶת רָחָב הַזּוֹנָה". Why is it that it is accepted that she wasn't a harlot but an innkeeper and ...
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What happens to the family of a Kohen today if his wife is a victim of rape?

What happens to the family of a Kohen today if his wife is a victim of rape? What are the steps taken and how does this come to be resolved according to halachah and in the most constructive way for ...
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Is a Kohen required to marry a virgin?

In a recent conversation with several friends regarding ba'alei teshuva marrying Kohanim (specifically college students), one person present said that a Kohen can only marry a virgin. I contested this ...
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Does the talmud promote pedophilia? [closed]

I found a surprising claim from a conservative Christian web site about halacha and relations with children. Is what they say actually true or is this wrong? From
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Is a Cohen who had a vasectomy allowed to perform Birkat Kohanim?

Is Cohen who had a vasectomy allowed to Bless the congregation? Also marry? What happens if he does marry?
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"But Rahab the harlot ... dwelt in the midst of Israel, unto this day"

This is from Yehoshua' 6:25. Assuming she was a harlot and not, as some suggest, an innkeeper, what exactly does this mean? Did she convert? Did her conversion remove the stain of being a harlot from ...
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Levi Marries a Ger - Does the son inherit Levi status?

A Levi marries a female convert. Does the son inherit Levi status? Source?
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Heter to be permitted to a Cohen after relations with a non-jew with condoms?

If a woman has relations with a non-Jew with condom use, are they still permissible to a Cohen? Does anybody have a reference to the specific heter which permits this. Edit: I know that relations ...
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How exactly is a Zona labeled a Zona

Does the fact that a Zona (who becomes Forbidden to a Kohen) enters that status depend on the act that happens, or does the nature of how it happens, and what evidence we have about it, matter? It ...
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Status of a Cohen Who Intermarries

What is the status of a cohen who intermarries? He would not be able to eat Trumah, but does he continue to receive the first aliyah, and can he duchan (assuming he observes all other mitzvot)?
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Are there any organizations or support groups that help older, unmarried Kohanim?

Since a Kohen is limited in their options for marrying, many older (35 years or more, possibly earlier) Kohanim have a very limited pool of marriage possibilities. This is especially true of a Kohain ...
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What is the punishment for a Jewish non-married woman who has relations with a non-Jewish man?

I have heard that the punishment is that she will forever be Zonah but I have no sources
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Marriage between Shifcha and Kohanim

I know Kohanim have certain restrictions on whom they may marry. My question is, are Kohanim restricted onto a Shifcha?
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