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What are the implications of "deserving death"?

The Sources frequently say that certain people "deserve death". Examples in the Talmud: He who transgresses the rulings of the Sages deserve death. [Berakhot 4b] He who emits semen in vain ...
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Is a gentile permitted to learn the original Hebrew of the Torah?

I've been reading the Divine Code by Rabbi Moshe Weiner and came across this in Part I 5:2 note. 91 "...(1) It is also prohibited for a Jew to teach Torah to gentiles in the canonised Hebrew or ...
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Can a Reform Ger participate in Chabad programming?

My family has been invited to participate in Chabad programming. I know that the Orthodox do not consider me to be Jewish as I am a Reform convert, but my wife and daughter are Jews through ...
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Is it okay for a gentile to study Torah if the goal is to get closer to HaShem?

If a gentile is studying Torah but not to imitate the Jews and "hijack" the Torah and respect the boundaries between The Jews and Gentiles, yet he/she wants to study Torah (both written and oral) ...
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When is it acceptable for a non-Jew working towards Orthodox conversion to grow peyot?

I am working towards an Orthodox conversion, and physical reminders continue to help me on my path as reminders - like tzitzit and kippah. I would like to grow out my peyot, but I am concerned I may ...
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Rabbinical violations that are punishable by death?

Are there any rabbinical violations that carry the punishment of kareit (or other death penalty)? I'm wondering because of this answer--which suggests that the prohibition on relations with a non-...
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Sharing Mi Yodeya questions on Facebook

Underneath questions on Stack Exchange sites there is a "share" link which allows one to share the question one is viewing on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. Is it permitted to use this feature on Mi ...
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Non-Jews learning or being taught Torah

I read on Mi Yodeya, and elsewhere on the Internet, that the Gemara (Chagigah 13a) says that Jews can't teach Torah to gentiles, and that according to Tosefot (Chagigah 13a sv. ein) this is because ...
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In what Sense should non-Jews obey/disobey Torah?

There are two opinions. In some cases I’ve heard that God rewards anyone that obeys Torah. Also, I think I read somewhere in Exodus that anyone living in Israel, be they foreigners or not, must not ...
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If masturbation is so bad, why is it not in list of 613 Mitzvos?

If masturbation is, as stated in the Shulchan Oruch (Even HaEzer 23:1), "the worst sin in the Torah", then why is it not listed in any of the various lists of 613 Mitzvos and why is there no verse in ...
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Is it a discouraged or an unacceptable practice for a Gentile to keep the Sabbath?

According to Jewish Law and tradition, is it acceptable, discouraged or totally unacceptable for a Gentile to keep the Sabbath according to the regulations spelled out in the Torah and the Talmud and ...
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Teaching Written Torah to Christians

There is an idea mentioned by the Rambam, but not in the Mishneh Torah as I recall, that it is permissible to teach Wrtitten Torah to Christians because they accept it as Divine and don't study it in ...
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Is Christianity Avodah Zara?

It is commonly accepted that Islam is not Avodah Zarah (idolatry) since Islam has a clear monotheistic theology with a belief in Allah that parallels our view of "kail" or Hashem. It is even ...
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