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Halachot of Lashon Naki (clean speech)

What is the halachik source, if any, for lashon naki (clean speech)? Is there a portion of Talmud that deals with the specifics? On the surface, it seems to be employed inconsistently, by which I mean ...
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Is G-ddamn considered cursing God?

If a person says in English the word g-ddamn (or G-d damn) does that transgress the sin of cursing God?
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Could a Cohen burn a body to escape the impurity?

Excuse the extreme hypothetical, but: If a Cohen were locked in a room with no windows and a dead body, and just so happened to have lighter fluid and a pack of matches (and there were small holes in ...
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curse words and the Torah [duplicate]

American defines d*mn, f-word and b-word (excuse my language) as curse words. However, what does the Torah define as curse words or dirty language?
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What is the Issur of Nivul Peh based on?

I am wondering what exactly the Issur of Nivul Peh is predicated on. Is it: That such words shouldn't be spoken from a person's mouth; or That its a cause of chillul Hashem ...
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Nivel peh in a foreign language

What are the halachos of saying nivel peh in a language which one does not speak/understand? (Or which one speaks/understands to various degrees?) Might this depend at all on the language (Jewish ...
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What is Nivul Peh and who decides what it is [closed]

is Dam* or He** objectively considered curse words? what is the demarcator for curse words
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Does Nivul Peh apply to writing?

Is it considered Nivul Peh if one writes an inappropriate phrase? (For example, if one is writing a book with fictional dialogue, or a dictionary of slang terms.)
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Is it Nivul Peh to ask if a phrase is Nivul Peh?

Suppose that one is not sure whether a certain phrase is considered Nivul Peh or not. Could it be Nivul Peh to ask a Rov if that phrase is Nivul Peh (using the phrase)?
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Does halacha forbid profanity? [duplicate]

This is obviously just for research sake. But what does halacha say about using profanity. Is it forbidden. Can it be used in times of emphasis and where is the line drawn for what is considered ...
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Is there a Halachic problem with cursing? [duplicate]

Our tradition mentions the serious transgression of "nivul peh" and the punishments that Hashem brings down on the world due to this sin (Shabbos 33a, Vayikra Rabba 24-7). What I want to know is if ...
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