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Does the Torah discuss aliens?

Does the Torah discuss extra-terrestrial life and/or civilizations? Do any Torah sources exist which discuss what these hypothetical beings would be like and their status/nature? (eg. Would they be ...
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Could someone who has committed a heinous crime convert to Judaism?

Is there any reason that someone who has committed horrible sins in the past (for example, mass murder) could not become a Jew? Assume, of course, that the sinner/criminal is willing to do teshuvah ...
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Other than Avraham has there ever been an organized attempt to draw new converts to Judaism?

We know that in very early Judaism Avraham and Sarah converted people to Judaism We know that if your mother was Jewish you are Jewsish We know that it is possible for a Gentile to convert to Judaism ...
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Kiruv for non-humans [closed]

The Mishnah in Avos (1:12) says that one should אוהב את הבריות ומקרבן לתורה, love creatures and draw them close to Torah. The Mishnah doesn't say אנשים, people, but rather בריות, all creations. Now, ...
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Is a virgin birth possible according to rabbinic judaism? If the mother was betrothed, is the child a mamzer?

Nothing to do with any other religions, but is there anything in the sources that speak about whether or not a woman could become pregnant without relations? Due to the negative feedback, I can frame ...
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Status of a human-mermaid offspring

This is NOT Purim Torah. Dolfinim can give birth from humans. What are dolfinim? Says Rav Yehudah, mermaids.1 Bechoros 8a. Translation follows Rashi. Whether there are actually mermaids is ...
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Transfer of loan / mortgage from non-Jew to Jew

What happens if a Jew borrows money on interest from a non-Jew, and then the lender turns around and sells the debt to a Jew? (Such transactions are very common in the mortgage industry.) Is it ...
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Would a conversion witnessed by three Jewish sheidim be approved? [closed]

Would the conversion of a person, (knowledgeable in Halacha, meeting all the criteria for conversion), be halachically approved and functional, if the Beit Din is formed of three observant Jewish ...
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Why did Rebbi reject impossible questions?

Starting premise: Chazal were not fond of people asking questions solely to waste their time. We see this from, for instance, Bava Basra 23b: בעי ר' ירמיה רגלו אחת בתוך חמשים אמה ורגלו אחת חוץ ...
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Can aliens really not have free will?

This answer maintains that aliens (ie. extra-terrestrial beings) may exist but can't have free will because: - 1. According to Torah, only man was created with free will, not any creature lower (e.g. ...
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Holy Artificial intelligence?

If Ai became a reality and self-aware, able-bodied robots akin to humans were commonplace, would it be pious to convert the AI's to Judaism? Essentially, if a non-human wants to become Jewish, can we ...
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