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How To Prevent Eyes from wondering [duplicate]

My name is Ariel and I am converting to Judaism. I am converting with Chabad (I am aware Chabad does not have any beys dins), and Bezrat Hashem I will be wearing a Black Fedora very soon. However, I ...
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Men: how do you control your reactions to women in immodest dress if you can't avoid them?

A question on The Workplace from a man uncomfortable with the dress of some of his new, female coworkers got a highly-voted answer saying that you get used to it and he should just wait it out. That ...
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How can one kill the habit of speaking profanity?

Saying curse words, if I am not mistaken, is in the category of nivul peh. For someone that is used to using curse words, what steps can he take to avoid this transgression?
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How can you quit a habit of visiting inappropriate websites?

The Torah teaches that, if you're an unmarried man, watching pornography is harmful to your soul. See, for example, this article by Chabad rabbi Tzvi Freeman. (If you're married and need to watch ...
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Does the act of masturbation cause a change in one's spiritual/religious status vis-a-vis what he may and may not do?

Obviously masturbation is a very serious sin. However, if someone has already transgressed that sin, does his status change vis-a-vis things like learning Torah or davening? Does he need to go to a ...
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Why create lust?

Why did G-d create lust (i.e. boys and girls)?
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Halachic permissibility of a vasectomy

What are the halachic concerns surrounding vasectomies? Are vasectomies permitted by halacha under any circumstances? The issues that I could see as possibly being connected would be chavala (...
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Torah approach to getting out of inappropriate feelings/thoughts

What is the Torah approach to stop yourself from feeling sexually aroused in the moment? Anything from the mussar experts?
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Remedy for Desire for a Married Woman

Background: We are all human and sometimes tend towards the evil inclination. At times we successfully fight against the inappropriate feelings, thoughts, actions, etc. At other times we don't do so ...
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Inappropriate kavanah during "asher yatzar"

I don't know if other people have experienced this, but when reciting asher yatzar immediately after going to the bathroom, I find that if I meditate upon the meaning of the words I cannot help but ...
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How can one control his envy?

Suppose someone feels jealous over something, and wants to make himself not be envious. What can he do to help himself? I am interested both in classical sources as well as anecdotal advice. Related: ...
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Shemiras Einayim - mussar vs. reality

We are fortunate in this day and age that there have been many Seforim published on the inyan of Shemiras Einayim and one can even listen to lectures on the topic. My question is, in reality, after ...
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Guarding Your Eyes In Public School

What would be some great ways for one to guard their eyes while attending public school with immodesty being everywhere? Looking for sources please- thanks!
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Are there poskim who sanction using nedarim today

Are there major contemporary poskim (halachic authorities) who advocate making nedarim (vows) for certain circumstance (besides donations)? for example, someone who has a bad habit, to use a nedar (...
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