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Is it compatible with the Torah to believe that HaShem is not omnipotent in an absolute sense? [duplicate]

I am an Italian Noahide. HaShem is also defined in the Torah as "Elohim" who in this case expresses, as Ramban teaches, the concept of "Master of all the forces" and "the Power over all the powers". ...
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Reconciling the evidence for the Uncertainty Principle with belief in an omniscient G-d

One of the foundations of modern quantum mechanics is the Uncertainty Principle. This principle is not an assumption, but rather is derived from assumptions made with regard to the structure of nature....
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Do we really have free choice?

I was told Hashem created us with free will; so we can make a choice to do good or evil, right? Well, Hashem knows what we are going to do in 10 minutes. So do we really have free will? Hashem can see ...
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Can G-d ever take on a physical form?

There are 3 religions that says so. The obvious one is Christianity with that being it's central term. The second one is Hindu. Khrisna is said to be a God incarnate. But in torah I often see stories ...
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Can God destroy Himself?

I was thinking about it lately. If God can do everything, can He destroy Himself? Is there something about this possibility in any of the holy books?
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What precisely is meant by "G-d can do anything"?

There's a general concept in Judaism that G-d can do "anything". I've seen How does Judaism deal with God and paradoxes? and this answer, so I understand that it is limited to the possible. However, ...
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If Hashem is All-Powerful, why can't he take on a physical form?

Hashem can do whatever He feels like doing. Nothing gets in his way. This has led to the various questions on here regarding the omnipotence paradox - can Hashem put Himself in a situation in which ...
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Hashem's infinite power

I've heard many times that Hashem is infinitely powerful. But how do we know this? Perhaps he's just very powerful or even all powerful (possessing all power there is, which is possibly finite). Is ...
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Hashem and the Platonic World

2 + 2 = 4, right? If I have 2 things, and you have 2 things, we have 4 things between us. This is a logical reality that is inescapable. If we want a coherent, consistent set of rules for counting, ...
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Logic tells me that, once the soul ascended, the physical body should no longer remain - why is it not the case?

Please bear with me on this, I'm very serious about what I'm seeking an answer to and I see that this board treats people with Derech Eretz. So I hope that even if no answer is available, I wont be ...
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