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Eating in a non-kosher household [duplicate]

I am a converted Jew (mother is not Jewish, father is) who has recently began keeping Kosher. My mother is an excellent cook, and I greatly enjoyed eating what she made growing up. I still would like ...
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Why is it necessary to ask a Rabbi?

In various places on this site, including the FAQ, we have the following disclaimer: Like Wikipedia, this site makes no guarantee of validity, and does not offer professional (particularly rabbinic)...
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How to keep kosher in a non-observant household

Many Baalei Teshuvah (returnees to Judaism) confront various conflicts regarding their interactions with non-observant family and friends. A big one, which has not been discussed here (AFAIK), is ...
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Drinking cold kosher beverages in a non-Jewish relative's house

Let's say you're staying at a non-Jewish relative's house. He bought you kosher food because he knows you keep kosher. He buys you a drink such as milk. You see him pour the drink for himself into his ...
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Kashering a microwave

How can I kasher a microwave?
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Best practices for praying in public with talit and tefilin

I just learned that a flight out of New York was diverted because a flight attendant saw a passenger putting on tefilin and freaked out, thinking that he was strapping on bombs. So, do you have any ...
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Can I trust a non-kosher home's coffee pot?

I thought I heard that its ok to use a coffee pot in a non-kosher home, but I could be mistaken. Does anyone know?
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Is it permissible to use a Hotel's Drinking Glasses?

Is one allowed to use the glass cups provided by a hotel (usually in the bathroom) for drinking? Or is there a Kashrus problem?
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Eating in less-religious homes

May one eat a meal in the home of one who attended yeshiva and who one considers trustworthy vis-a-vis making sure everything is kosher for their guests, however, one is reasonably certain they do not ...
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Using a non-kosher toaster oven

What is the permissible way to use a non-kosher toaster oven? My thought process was that, when cooking milk in a meat oven, the covering of the dish and the rack makes it acceptable. Would covering ...
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In a non-Jewish youth hostel, is it problematic to stay in a mixed-gender dorm instead of a male-only one?

I'm male. Say I stay in a non-Jewish youth hostel dorm room which is mixed-gender instead of male-only. Might I encounter yichud problems? Might I encounter any other halachic problems? What's your ...
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kosher food ideas without refrigeration

What kosher food should I pack for a one-week trip? I won't have access to a fridge; and no kosher food will be available at my destination. The only food idea I can think of is tuna. That would ...
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Pesach cleaning at non religious house [closed]

If I'm boarding at a non religious persons house (they don't keep kosher), what are the rules for cleaning for pesach? I share the pantry and fridge so I don't know what to clean and how well to clean ...
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