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Avot keeping Mitzvot

How are we to understand the tradition that the patriarchs kept all of the mitzvot in the Torah (see for example: the last mishna in Kiddushin (4:14), Rashi on Bereshit 32:5, etc.) in light of the ...
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Yaakov Marrying Two Sisters [duplicate]

According to those that say the Avos kept the Torah beforehand (here), how was Yaakov allowed to marry two sisters? (Yes, I'm aware that there are many answers)
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Why does the Torah forbid interest only on loans to Jews?

Why aren't we allowed to charge a Jew interest but we're allowed to charge a non-Jew?
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"עם לבן גרתי"? Really? "עם לבן ברתי" maybe

Rashi brings a gematria at the beginning of Parshas Vayishlach: גרתי בגימטריא תרי"ג, כלומר, עם לבן הרשע גרתי, ותרי"ג מצות שמרתי, ולא למדתי ממעשיו הרעים Now, if one takes this literally, it is ...
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What does a Christian need to know before he marries a non-religious Jewish woman and plans to have a family?

I understand that Judaism does not permit inter-marriage, and also that some people do it anyway, particularly if the Jew in the marriage is not religious. What problems can arise for the people in ...
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Can a Jew marry a Free Mason?

I am widowed and know little of my Jewish Heritage. Of this, I know, I observe the Torah and do my best to abide by it. Since I know little, and I am interested in marrying a non-Jew who is a Free ...
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Was Intermarriage Permissible at the time of Tanakh?

There are many examples of 'Jewish' characters in Tanach (even post Matan Torah) who marry non-Jews (who are not described in Tanakh as converts), and their actions appear to be accepted. This makes ...
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Does a Jew need to obtain a get if his ex-wife is not Jewish?

A Jewish man marries a non-Jewish woman in a Jewish ceremony, with a ketubah, under the supervision of a non-orthodox rabbi. Later on, the couple obtains a civil divorce. May the Jewish man now ...
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Is there any difference between Jewish G-d and Muslim G-d? [closed]

Do Jews and Muslims worship the same G-d? If so, do they understand G-d the same way? As a related point, is there any linguistic or theological connection between "Allah" and "Eloha" (or "Elohim")? ...
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Marriage to a non Jew [closed]

Can a Rabbi, marry two people, in the United States,where one is not Jewish, and have this to be valid to receive a marriage certificate by state, and also rabinnical standards. I looked through the ...
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