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Biblical vs. Rabbinical end of Shabbat

This question states, "havdalah ends shabbat (for one who didn't daven ma'ariv)." But won't Shabbat end on its own at some point--specifically, at nightfall--even if we don't make havdalah nor daven ...
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Attending a Siyum virtually

If one attends a Siyum virtually, whether by phone, Skype, or some other means of mass communication, can one partake of the Se'udath Mitzvah (relevant to allow eating meat during the 9 Days for ...
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Order of Chanukah lights and havdalah

When I was leading the conclusion of the Shabbat service yesterday, I asked someone to light the Chanukkah candles, who asked me if we rather did havdalah first. I know that in a synagogue setting we ...
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Setting up havdallah involves touching mutzke... how permissible [duplicate]

If one does not daven arvit/maariv before havdallah it seems to me that he is not permitted to touch a candle, etc. (for not having said hamavdil). How does preparing for the havadallah ceremony where ...
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What is a woman's obligation when it comes to T'fillah?

In Orthodox practice it is commonly thought that women are not obligated in T'fillah (parts of it anyway) due to its time-bound nature. However, what is a woman's obligation? Which prayers must she ...
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Havdalah - how important is it? [duplicate]

Is Shabbat over when the sun has gone down or is Shabbat over after the Havdalah ceremony? If it is the latter, does the Shabbat keep going for the rest of the week? Since the Torah says that Shabbat ...
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Benefiting from work done by a non-observant Jew after Shabbat

Observant Jews do not resume doing melacha after Shabbat until after Havdalah. But not all Jews do this. So may you benefit from work done by a non-observant Jew after Shabbat ends, even if he did not ...
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Preparing for the weekday on Shabbos after nightfall

We know there is an issur of hachanah on Shabbos (preparing from Shabbos for the weekday.) Is there a problem of hachanah (preparing something) "on Shabbos" when it's already after nightfall and no ...
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How can you keep Shabbos till Tuesday?

I have heard that there are people who keep Shabbos till Tuesday. I would like to understand how that works practically. A few examples of puzzling situations: What shmoneh esrei does such a person ...
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Lighting candles on Yom Tov that falls out on Motzei Shabbos

Before a woman lights candles for Yom Tov that falls out on Motzei Shabbos does it say anywhere that she needs to say "HaMavdil" first? (Since the kedushas are different -- on Shabbos it was ossur to ...
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Pre-Havdalah Melacha [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Bootstrapping problem: havdalah ends shabbat (for one who didn't daven ma'ariv) but lighting the candle is melacha? After nightfall before Marriv, or after nightfall ...