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Commencing Shabbos: Shkiya behind a mountain

It is common practice nowadays for Shuls to publish the zmanim (times) to begin Shabbos (the Sabbath) and other activities. These times, it would seem, are based upon standard calculations of sunrise ...
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Choosing between Brachos on Shma and Sof Zman Kriyas Shema

Let's say Yosef woke up late one day, and by the time he was ready to say kriyas shema, it was two minutes before sof zman kriyas shema (the latest time at which a person could say kriyas shema). He ...
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Mincha started before sheki'a, extended beyond it. What about davenning maariv straight after mincha?

A minyan starts to daven mincha before sheki’a with the intention to daven maariv after sheki’a. In the event, mincha extends beyond shki’a. There are IMHO three possible cases: They start but do ...
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If you've missed Zeman Kriyas Shema, what should you do?

Suppose a fellow realizes at 9:16AM that the Gra Zeman Kriyas Shema was at 9:14 and he never said Kriyas Shema yet. Is there any gain by saying it immediately even though it is past the later Zeman ...
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Minyan, netz hachamoh, and precision in time

There are halachic sources that discuss the importance of davening shemona esrei at netz (at sunrise), some of which state that it is preferable to daven at netz over davening with a minyan (at least ...
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Starting mincha early

Since we are entering the winter (in the northern hemisphere) many people try to daven mincha at mincha gedolah. I have been told that waiting for a half hour after mid-day is a way of ensuring that ...
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Jewish Sunrise and Sunset

How can one calculate Jewish sunrise and sunset? I'm not necessarily asking for a formula. Just wondering if there's a difference between Halachik rise/set and what the world considers [e.g. science] ...
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Start time of Jewish holidays: Exactly at sunset or some other time near it?

It's my understanding that Judaism defines the start of a day as sunset. However, on one of my calendars, several Jewish holidays are indicated as starting at sundown (approximate). Does the Jewish ...
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End of Fourth Hour Approaching, Berachot of Keriyat Shema or Amidah?

According to general halacha, one may not recite the berachot of keriyat shema after the 4th halachic hour. Ashkenazim can do so if they were withheld from reciting them in their proper time for ...
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Do Zmanim follow the city, or the Gavra?

Are halachic times for prayer, comencing Shabbos, ect. calculated according to a persons exact location or is there one "time-zone" for the entire city? And if yes, how would this apply for ...
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