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Can I become Jewish just by saying “I am a Jew”? [duplicate]

I am interested in the faith of Judaism. I am curious about being “informally Jewish”. This is because I am interested in this religion because of its history and willingness to be open. I am not ...
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Do I have sufficient reason to investigate converting to Judaism? [duplicate]

About 18 months ago, I began contemplating earnestly investigating converting to Judaism, which three years of casual thinking and reading about god had engendered. I regard this interest in ...
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Jewish Conversion? [duplicate]

I am a man, 25 and I am Jewish. I have heard the calling of the one true and only God. I believe there is only one God and that the teachings of Judaism extend and assist in the life of Man in ways ...
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Recommendation of Books [duplicate]

What books a person pursuing a orthodox conversion normally must read during the entire process. I want to convert in bnei brak
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What is the best way to start the conversion (Orthodox) process? [duplicate]

Should I call a synagogue and make an appointment with the Rabbi and explain that I am interested in converting? Should I call multiple synagogues? Are there classes for people who are interested in ...
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First Steps to becoming Jewish [duplicate]

Growing up, my mom was Christian and my dad was Jewish. We celebrated both Christian and Jewish holidays. Religion was a very confusing and uncomfortable topic for me. I am now 36, a mother, and ...
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Are children adopted by Jews Jewish?

I was adopted around the time I was three months old by my parents who are both Jewish. I do not know what religion my biological mother was, in fact I have very little detail about her at all. I was ...
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Is there any benefit for a gentile to convert through one denomination versus another?

Despite being raised Conservative, it has been my impression that the only conversion that "counts" is an Orthodox one. I suspect this is the case for making aliyah, but under what other ...
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Can a gentile go to Synagogue on Shabbat and what is forbidden on Shabbat for a gentile?

Is a gentile allowed to participate in Shabbat prayers in a Synagogue (of course he/she will not count for a minyan) if they do so in order to gain knowledge of Jewish customs for the purpose of ...
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What is a Gentile to do? Ie. What would you do if you were not born Jewish? [closed]

Short form: I happen to not be one of the chosen ones. If you were in that situation what would you do or feel? What is a Gentile to do? Long form: I have been reading and studying a lot about ...
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What is the most successful way to do conversion for a Gentile girl in a relationship with a Jew?

Suppose the following situation, which commonly arises. A Jewish guy starts dating a non-Jewish girl, and they both fall in love. She respects his religion and wants to convert in order to be able to ...
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My Adult Conversion

I’m seriously interested in converting from Baptist to Judaism. I am aware of the local synagogues in my area, but I’m unsure on which to approach and any protocols. For example; should I go during ...
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Which city in English-speaking Canada has classes for Judaism converts?

Shalom! Which city in Canada has classes for Judaism converts who wish to learn more about the religion and the way of life? I have found a little information about the Jewish Outreach Institute and ...
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How should a modern non-Jew interpret commandments in the Torah that they perceive to command individual violence?

If a non-Jew is interested in Judaism, how should they approach commands in the Torah like Exodus 21:17, Exodus 31:14, Leviticus 20:13? Should these passages be seen not just as command not to do the ...
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How does one interested in converting to Orthodox Judaism connect with an Orthodox community and find a conversion Rabbi?

I know that one needs to be in an Orthodox community in order to be immersed in the culture, practice and devotion of Jewish life. How does one connect with such a community? Does one find a ...
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