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What criteria determine what is or isn't Uvdin Dechol

I am struggling to understand the concept of Uvdin Dechol, where it originates from and how far it extends to. We famously dont ride bikes / electric trams on Shabbos partly due to Uvdin Dechol, but ...
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Tweeting on Shabbat: d'oraita or d'rabbanan violation?

There was a dangerous situation in my community on Shabbat and I knew (from the amount my house phone was ringing and my cell phone was buzzing) that people I knew across the world would be concerned ...
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Opening a fridge on Shabbat

There are many problems with using electricity on Shabbat, and many ways to understand those problems. The issue of using a fridge is especially problematic (as explained in depth by Rav Nissan Kaplan ...
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Conductivity of living things and Shabbat

If electricity is banned on shabbat, how does a person deal with the problem of the body being a conductor? When I hold a person's hands, it creates a circuit. If I let go of their hands then I have ...
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Can we play video games during sabbath

I am not Jewish, but sort of try to emulate some parts of it to see if it does me any good. Well, not doing anything for 1 day is too boring. Actually what else can we do anyway during sabbath beside ...
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If one watches television on Friday night, will one go to hell?

If one watches television on Friday night, will one go to hell?
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Unplugging a Phone Charger on Shabbat?

If a phone charger (or any electric adapter that is not connected to a device, for that matter) is plugged into an outlet, does unplugging it constitute any forbidden form of work, or is simply a '...
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Why do all people disappear on Saturday at mi.yodeya, is this considered work?

I understand Saturday is sabath but mi.yodeya is a site for jewish learning and nothing related to work , so why do people disappear from here on Saturdays? Does answering questions or questing etc ...
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Not using Electricity as a Minhag

This answer asserts that R' Auerbach held that not using electricity on Shabbat is a minhag. However, assuming that this ruling dates to the 1930s (which is what I have heard in the past), everyday ...
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Gram Mav'ir on Yom Tov

I heard once that the poskim permit "gram mav'ir" on yom tov l'tzrich gadol. For example if someone wants to use a platta (hot plate) that they forgot to plug in they may plug it in with a Shabbos ...
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Dimmer Lights on Yom Tov

On Yom Tov, we are allowed to adjust fire (i.e. change the strength of the stove) so long as we do not completely turn the stove on or off. Therefore, if a room’s lighting has a dimmer switch, would ...
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why is electricity prohibited on shabbos? [duplicate]

What are the reasons the rabbis prohibited electricity on shabbos? What are the names for those prohibitions (MiDerabonone and/or MiDeoraisa) ? Thank you all in advance
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Talking to Alexa on Shabbos [duplicate]

What prohibition would talking to a virtual assistant like Alexa, Siri or Google on Shabbos fall under? "Alexa, turn on the lights" "Alexa, play Zemiros"
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What are the various views about electricity on Shabbos [duplicate]

This question discusses specifically R' Moshe's views on using electricity on Shabbos. What are some of the other major views out there (R' Shlomo Zalman, Tzitz Eliezer, etc.)? Believe it or not, ...
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Sending/reading SMS on Shabbat [duplicate]

Recently a debate of usage of cellphones on Shabbat has come up, mainly about reading and sending text messages. I was wondering what the specific reasoning is behind not allowing it on Shabbat. Any ...
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