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How to make Purim more female friendly?

At a recent Shabbat meal the conversation was about how Purim was a "guy holiday" where women felt like second class citizens, especially married women who often found themselves cooking the seuda, ...
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Trimming or Shaving the Moustache

Are there any halachic or kabbalistic reasons to forbid (or avoid) trimming or shaving one's moustache? I am defining "shaving" as cutting until there is no visible hair remaining, and "trimming" as ...
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Neder vs. Shevua

Inspired by this answer (and more generally its question): What is the difference between a Neder (vow) and a Shevua (oath)? It seems to me that it is generally described as "issur cheftza" (neder) ...
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No Offense Loophole [closed]

(Inspired by this question) Who came up with the No Offense loophole of: No offense, but your sweater makes you look fat. OR No offense, but if you really think what you just said is true, you're ...
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Are you allowed to recite the Pledge of Allegiance?

Is the US Pledge of Allegiance a form of oath or vow, and if so may one recite it? If one has recited it has one incurred any new halachic obligations?
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Making Nedarim (vows) and Shevuot (oaths) while teaching or learning

Sometimes I wonder if when people are learning or quoting things they say things in the name of people, would that count as them making a Neder? For example the teacher says "Yaakov said: I will give ...
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bli neder on pas yisroel

During aseres yemei tshuva the Shulchan Aruch writes that one should not eat pas akum(palter). Does one have to say bli neder to take this chumrah on,or since it is a halacha no bli neder is ...
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"Nisht Um Shabbos Geredt"

I've heard that there are people who say the Yiddish phrase נישט אום שבת גערעדט ("Nisht um Shabbos Geredt" before discussing business topics on Shabbos. The phrase literally means "not on [the] ...
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How does a husband make a neder on his wife

How does a husband make a neder on his wife? From shulchan aruch, even ezer: 115.10 (not to talk to someone (maybe only men?)) אם השביע אשתו שלא תדבר עם פלוני ועברה ודברה עמו עוברת על דת היא והפסידה ...
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"Bli neder" and shevuot

As far as I understand from the discussion here, a "neder" is a vow forbidding or consecrating objects, whereas a "shevua" governs personal actions. For example, one would make a neder to declare wine ...
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