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Test tube meat: Pareve? [duplicate]

Meat that is grown in a test tube - also known as in vitro meat - would seemingly fall outside of existing kashrut categories. You do not need to kill an animal (thus no need to schecht). Would it ...
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Why is Soy milk considered Parve and not Milchig/Halavi?

Considering that milk is forbidden with chicken (as stated in this answer), because chicken could be confused with meat, why isn't soy milk considered milchig as well? In Israel, chicken is ...
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Is it possible that Judaism would one day allow eating pork?

As far as I understand, pork was originally banned from consumption since it was hard to maintain a clean enviroment for pigs in a desert climate (as summarized in the Wikipedia). Since nowadays ...
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Would synthesized meat be Kosher?

Scientists are preparing synthesized meat for human consumption. See here for a excerpt, and two articles here and here. My question is: Would this meat be considered Kosher? Might it depend on the ...
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Artificial non Kosher food

According to Vayikra we have: ז וְאֶת-הַחֲזִיר כִּי-מַפְרִיס פַּרְסָה הוּא, וְשֹׁסַע שֶׁסַע פַּרְסָה, וְהוּא, גֵּרָה לֹא-יִגָּר; טָמֵא הוּא, לָכֶם.‏ 7 And the swine, because he parteth the hoof, and ...
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Milk-free cheese: Is it kosher? Parve?

So according to this article, scientists have created cheese by inserting DNA blueprints into a yeast. Essentially, the milk proteins are being created outside of any animal, through genetic ...
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Synthetic unkosher meat?

Suppose tissue identical to that of a pig could be created synthetically (with kosher ingredients) in a science lab. The meat would be completely indistinguishable from pig meat, but it would never ...
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How was kashrut affected by Science?

I have been reading a lot of questions concerning kosher foods, to get a better understanding of what it means for something to be kosher. To an atheist, this site is very helpful. But as a chemistry ...
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Why does rennet need to come from a kosher animal?

Kosher cheese needs to be made using kosher rennet which either comes from a kosher animal or is vegetarian. Using rennet from a kosher animal is not an issue of בשר בחלב b/c the rennet is from an ...
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Eating at Home and Maarit Ayin

Short question: is maarit ayin (מראית עין) a problem when one is home alone? Long question: assuming that in-vitro meat is pareve, even if it is maarit ayin to eat it with milk in public, would it be ...
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In vitro meat -- further questions

Related to this question: Does artificial meat grown in a petri dish have the halachic status of meat? Assuming that in vitro meat becomes widespread and assuming that it would be hechshered per the ...
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Cultured Beef and the 7 Laws of Noah

I know there have been questions on whether lab meat would be Kosher or not, halavi or besari... I see another potential debate. According to, "Cultured Beef is ...
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Human cultured meat

I've read meat cultured from a kosher source is kosher too, though nobody seems to know whether that's meat or parve. I've also been told one can consume flesh from a dead person in an extreme ...
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What is the kashrut status of synthetic/in vitro meat? [duplicate]

It was reported in the news today (at least in the UK) that another step forward has been made towards the creation of "synthetic meat". From BBC News: The world's first lab-grown burger was cooked ...
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