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Kings of Israel and the prohibition of "many wives"

The Torah explicitly states that kings should refrain from having many wives (Devarim 16:17): וְלֹ֤א יַרְבֶּה־לּוֹ֙ נָשִׁ֔ים וְלֹ֥א יָס֖וּר לְבָב֑וֹ וְכֶ֣סֶף וְזָהָ֔ב לֹ֥א יַרְבֶּה־לּ֖וֹ מְאֹֽד׃ And ...
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Is there a reason in Kabbalah that G-d permitted polygamy?

Is there an explanation in the Kabbalah as to why the Torah allows Polygamy?
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If Israel legalized polygamy, how would the rabbis react? [duplicate]

If the Israeli government decided to legalize polygamy, how would the rabbinical establishment react? Would they allow it religiously or not? If not, on what grounds, given that the Torah allows it? ...
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Why is polygamy permissible on a Torah level?

As discussed here, polygamy is permissible on a Torah level, though not encouraged. As discussed in the latter question, Rabbeinu Gershom instituted his ban because It was instituted to prevent ...
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When and why did we get rid of polygamy?

When did having a pilegesh become unacceptable and why?
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According to Jewish sources: is polygyny kosher to practice?

There was (but now expired) ban on practicing polygyny among Ashkenazim, but there never was a ban among Sephardim. Do Jewish texts or rabbinic sources provide any definitive anti-response or pro-...
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Difference in law between male and female adultery [duplicate]

If a man has an extramarital affair he may continue to sleep with his wife whereas if a woman has an extramarital affair she may no longer stay married. There are other differences as well which are ...
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Napoléon's Sanhedrin

In 1806, Napoléon Bonaparte convened a synod of French rabbinim (mainly Alsatiens and Bordelais) to ascertain halachic opinions on a set of questions. What is the halachic standing of this synod's ...
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In adultery, why is a wife is guilty, and a husband not?

Why is a wife who engages in extramarital relations guilty of adultery, while a husband who does the same is not?
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If a widow married the brother of her deceased husband

If a widow married the brother of her deceased husband so the deceased husband can have children in the deceased husband's name, then how does the brother have any children in his own name?
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Does G-d approve or merely permit human consumption of meat?

Many vegetarians and vegans argue that G-d gave humans permission to eat meat only because of a human failing in abstaining anyway. My takeaway from that argument is that, in light of a more ...
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Why aren't Yemenites an ed echad on locusts?

I've heard that the reason we (most of us) don't eat the locusts enumerated as kosher in the Torah is that we cannot identify them. That is, we don't know what type of locust is referred to by the ...
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Halachically skipping Purim

There have long been 'legends' of various liberal figures in Judaism, including Yeshayahu Leibovitz (brother of Nechama Leibovitz) that would 'skip' Purim. On the 14th of Adar they would be sure to be ...
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Handling Conflict between Jewish and Civil Law

This question is an offshoot from the one titled "Questions about Polygamy in Jewish Law and Culture" Taking under the knowledge that the previous question was well answered with an observation: It's ...
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Taking a concubine (pilegesh) today

Moderator's note: As with all discussions of Jewish law on this site, any information included in this question or its answers is presented only for the purpose of understanding the relevant ideas, ...
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